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Gerrit Cole and Jordan Montgomery Have Tested Positive For Covid, Putting the Yankees Starting Rotation In Pure Chaos

When it rains it fucking pours in the Bronx. Fresh off a brutal loss to the O's where Andrew Heaney served up 4 bombs and the offense couldn't muster up anything off a 2-12 Jorge Lopez, Gerrit Cole and now Jordan Montgomery have tested positive for covid. I believe both guys are vaccinated but man does this put the starting rotation in a bad spot.

Here's what we've got left…

You're likely looking at Jameson Taillon as your lead dog who has been excellent for a month and a half now, but he certainly isn't on this team to be the best pitcher. Also cross your fingers with covid and him since he's always with Cole. 

After that it's Nestor Cortes who is just coming off the covid list himself and building his arm back up. He's not stretched out to go anywhere longer than 5 innings. 

Then it's Andrew Heaney who is complete and utter garbage. If my life was on the line and he was pitching I'd assume I'm good as dead. 

After that it's tonight's pitcher Luis Gil who is a top, top prospect with unbelievably electric stuff. He's making his first ever MLB start tonight against the O's. His issue is control and it's plagued him in his development his whole minor league career. His last two starts sum everything up. 7/21 vs ROC: 6 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 9 K; 7/27 at SYR: 1.1 IP, 2 H, 6 R, 4 BB, 2 K. So yeah it could be unreal or really, really bad. We'll see!

That's only 4 names sadly. Looking for a 5th guy will be tough. Do they go with Deivi Garcia who has had a dreadful season in the minors? Someone messed with his delivery this season and they should be fired. Deivi is lost and serving up bombs left and right in his starts. He does, however, have MLB experience and I've seen him pitch well before. Yankees might not have a choice with their current situation. 

You'd love to bring up Luis Severino but they won't rush his rehab and I don't blame them. He'll be ready in 2 or so weeks if all goes well. Same for Clarke Schmidt who is also making rehab starts. He's on his way to AA Somerset right now. Cole and Monty are likely down for 10 days I'd guess barring a miracle. The good news is that the Yankees schedule is pretty nice for them given the circumstances. The bad news is I thought that heading into last night and they proceeded to get shitpumped by the O's. 

Assuming the pen is about to be needed in a giant way the Yankees called up Steven Ridings and Brody Koerner. 

Hand to god I did not know those two people existed until 5 minutes ago and I know basically everyone in this organization. Ridings is 6'8" and throws gas so that's fun. Koerner might top out at 90. 

New plan! Score 100 runs a game.