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That Race Was Freaking Awesome


You know the rule, if I see something after 11pm that I think is awesome, I blog it. And this is just that. That was one of the coolest races I've ever seen. Both gold and silver broke the old world record, with the winner going sub 46 for the first time in history. You ever think about that? Out of the billions of people who have run a 400m hurdles, Norway's Karsten Warholm is the first to ever do it in under 46 seconds. And he did it at the mother fucking Olympics!

Love him going Hulkamania afterwards too, just a perfect out of his body reaction while the other dude flat out dies on the ground.



Track and field is a wildly underrated sport, not just in the Olympics. I don't love watching the 10k, but even the 5k is super exciting. All the sprint relays are insane, and I love the 400, 800 and the 1500. Looking for our guy Centro to go back to back in the 15 this week