If You're Not Digging Fred Durst's New Look You Need To Change Your Diaper

Kevin Mazur. Getty Images.

(No that's not Diplo)

Lollapalooza is this weekend in Chicago (full recap coming tomorrow) and the talk of the festival so far (besides Miley burning the place down on Thursday, Journey doing the same Friday, and Da Baby being cancelled today because of homophobic comments made at Rolling Loud and then doubled down upon this week) is the return of Limp Bizkit and everybody's favorite skidmark, Fred Durst.

Hot off their feature in HBO's Woodstock 99 documentary (full review coming this week as well), Limp Bizkit rolled into Lollapalooza looking, and sounding like they had something to prove.

Earlier in the week Durst posted this photo of himself seemingly to let the world know that he's ditched the red Yankees cap in honor of a nice coif and a Hogan stache/goatee. 

If you don't like this look then you're either blind, or your taste in hetero men from Jacksonville, FL with the utmost class like Freddy boy here needs some serious tuning.

Talk about going from the outhouse to the penthouse.

That shitty red Yankee fitted for the red lensed aviators screams refined gentlemen. And when you think of the brains behind Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water isn't this look what you picture?

Newsflash guys but it's not 2003 anymore. Gone is the guy we were semi-jealous(?) of for allegedly taking peak Britney Spears to pound town after a recording session.

That shit's out. 

Looking like you stepped right out of The Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" video is in.


Find me a cooler music video before or since. You can't.

So yah, this new rebrand for Fred. I fuck with it.

As for Bizkit's performance? Take it how you want. 

I wasn't exactly floored, but friends of mine thought it was one of the best shows they've seen in a while. (sidebar - I'm now deeply questioning who and what I call "friends") But to each their own.

Durst tried to be a comedian as well, performing alongside the sign language interpreter at one point.

All in all, this whole thing is just totally on par for 2021. What a bizarre fucking year.

p.s. - here's the full show 


p.p.s. - some golden comments on twitter