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OFFICIAL: As First Reported By Me, Marc-Andre Fleury Officially Coming To Chicago

Hell of a press release by the Blackhawks. They've been using emojis to break news all summer. This one means he's coming. Obviously. The Flower. The Vezina winner. The Stanley Cup champion. The guy who has never been on a bad team ever. 

Marc Andre Fleury is officially going to play in Chicago. If you follow this website you knew that news DAYS ago. Lucky you

BIG day for the Blackhawks. Lankinen was very good for a long stretch last year. Marc Andre Fleury is a hall of famer who is still one of the very best in the league. An acrobat in net who is great against high danger opportunities. He is going to take this team to a different level than Lankinen could. Give Lankinen like 35-38 games. Keep Fleury fresh. Make a playoff push. Let's fucking go. 

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