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One Of Khabib's Proteges Just Delivered A VICIOUS Knockout (He's Still Undefeated As A Coach)

Fuckin Khabib, man. He goes 29-0 in MMA and I think the guy is like 7-0 or 8-0 as a coach this year alone, with a couple more fights on the Bellator 263 card later tonight. It's just crazy - how is he as unstoppable as a coach as he was as a fighter?! He's basically a shoe-in for Coach of the Year at this point.

This VICIOUS knockout comes courtesy of Nurmagomedov protege Gadzhi Rabadanov, who was making his Bellator debut tonight. Safe to say you should keep your eyes on him in the future. I'd imagine he'll have a quick turnaround after taking no damage in that one.

Khabib actually stuck around after the fight to attend to Daniel Carey, as well....

Very classy act. Nice guy Khabib.

Meanwhile, over at the UFC Apex, we've seen some great fights....

….and the hilarious spamming of a left hand like I've never seen before….

Overall, perfect night for fight fans with a pair of screens….