David Bakhtiari Gifted Aaron Rodgers A Personalized Aston Martin Golf Cart And It Is Fire

For years Rodgers has bugged his best friend and all pro offensive tackle David Bahktiari about never getting him a gift. In the past the Packers QB has given his big fella a wave runner, a sauna, an ATV, a watch, even a trip to Cabo. And they have the balls to call this man a bad teammate. Fuck outta here. Well recently Bahktiari became the game's richest offensive lineman in NFL history. Rodgers has jokingly hinted a few times that he was looking to get some kind of gift after all the years. Seems fair to me. Well finally the man has delivered. 

69 got 12 an Aston Martin. Okay it's not a car per say, but a customized Aston Martin golf cart is FUEGO. Just like that I think Aaron Rodgers decision to return to the Packers is well worth it for him. That is an AWESOME gift. Aaron Rodgers has all the money he could possibly want and can get himself whatever his heart desires, but he never once thought about having an Aston Martin golf cart. Well done Bak. 

Being rich sounds so much fun. That's really the point of this blog. What gifts are giving your buddies these days? A nice bottle of liquor? Some cigars? Imagine being on the level where he gift your boys trips to Cabo, waverunners, ATVs, Aston Martin golf carts. Some people just win the human lottery. 

By the way, if I'm Aaron I ride that thing literally anywhere. To and from practice. To the grocery store. Wherever he goes he has to take that thing. Not even sure if that's legal to take on the streets in Green Bay but there's no cop in the state who is pulling him over anyways. It's good to be Aaron Rodgers.