Oh God No, Fernando Tatis Jr. Leaves The Game After Another Bad Injury To His Left Shoulder

Baseball fans shield your eyes. 

The superstar shortstop left the game tonight after re-injuring his left shoulder on an awkward slide as he tried to take third. You may remember he injured his shoulder earlier this season and it didn't look good. He only missed a few weeks and came back stronger than ever but it was mentioned that this shoulder issue could become a lingering issue into he got it surgically repaired. 

As he slides into third he puts his left arm down to brace himself and immediately grabs at it as he slides past the bag. 

From the outside looking in this seems like another fluke injury, just twisted his shoulder weird while sliding and it could have happened to anyone. You have to think the preexisting shoulder injury has to do with it though. Let's hope it's nothing serious and it's just some pain that will eventually go away, nothing structural. Right off the bat it doesn't look good, but I'm not a doctor and I said the same thing earlier when he messed his shoulder up on the swing. The reaction was almost the exact same which doesn't see great. Now we refresh twitter a bunch until we see what the injury is and how long he's out. For the Padres sake, and baseball's sake we hope he's not out a long time. Take my shoulder Fernando, I don't need it to blog.