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Sorry for the double movie references to kick off the blog but I had to see all of #MetsTwitter bitch about our Lord and savior Uncle Stevie not making a move for days despite the deadline being Friday at 4 PM ET for months now. Steve Cohen did what he always does, which is get exactly what he wanted for exactly what he wanted to give up. You don't make billions let alone get a show named Billions made about you if you do anything less. The only reason to complain about the wait is that Javy in the black unis tonight would've been the definition of electric. At least we may get an Amir Garrett vs. Javy Baez rematch at Citi Field.

As for the deal, what is there to say about a Javy Baez/Francisco Lindor keystone that hasn't been said about taking a brick of uncut cocaine straight to the dome? You think these guys are going to enjoy playing with each other in the biggest market in the world?

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El Mago is coming to Flushing for a pennant race, which is the exact type of guy you want when the stakes are at their highest. While normal folks like you and I are freaking out, guys like Javy Baez are making big plays and having the time of their lives. Dude even makes tag outs, slides, and ground outs to first electric.

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Seems like the team is pretty fired up about everything too.

Shout out to Frank The Tank for doing his part by becoming so deep seated in the dark side of Mets fandom that he mistakenly taught himself reverse jinx black magic.

Can't wait to see how Frank reacts to Javy's strikeouts. His new, extremely sharp and durable glasses are officially on the hot seat. However, Frank better watch what he says because the last person you want coming for your ass is this crazy fuck.

To Carl and all other Cubs fans, I PROMISE to take good care of El Mago. We already had the #SonsOfUribe with White Sox fans, but we are now #SonsOfJavy as well.

The Mets didn't get Javy and Trevor Williams for free though. They had to give up Brodie's first round pick. Here are my very in depth thoughts on the matter.

The Mets haven't had a true centerfielder who can hit and field since Carlos Beltran was on the payroll (as a player, not a manager). So what's a few more years? 

Trevor Williams feels like the exact type of piece reasonable Mets fans were asking for in that he could prevent Jerad Eickhoff from ever playing another game for the Mets if the injury bug decides to bite again and can go to the bullpen if by the grace of God this team gets healthy. Plus Williams always pitches well against the Mets, so I'm happy with him just not going to another contender.

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