Montverde Academy Had a Casual FOUR First Round NBA Draft Picks on a High School Team in 2019

Gonzaga and Tennessee were the only two colleges to have multiple players selected in the first round of last night's NBA Draft, each with two. Montverde Academy had four, including No. 1 overall pick Cade Cunningham and No. 4 overall Scottie Barnes.

Obviously Montverde has become a basketball powerhouse in recent years, with the likes of Ben Simmons, RJ Barrett and D'Angelo Russell going through the Central Florida prep school. So it's not like there were four first round picks on your local public high school.

But still, there were some of your local high schools that had to go up against these guys and suffice it to say it did not go well for those teams.

I did a little bit of research into New Hope Christian Academy, which lost to 25-0 Montverde by a final score of 103-38. If is believed to be accurate, it currently boasts a total of 71 students. So assuming they even have 10 guys on the basketball team, nearly 15 percent of the school is going up against four future first rounders. Best of luck, fellas.

Montverde even skunked IMG Academy by 21 points that season, and IMG had two first rounders from last night's draft in Jalen Johnson and Jaden Springer.

And oh by the way, Montverde had three more guys selected in the second round, making it the most ever in a single NBA Draft from any one school — high school or college.

MVA Sports — Last night, Montverde Academy made basketball history by breaking the record for most NBA draft picks in a single year with seven. Previously, the University of Kentucky held the record with six. Even better, four picks came in the first round and from the same 2019-2020 National Championship winning high school team.

So yeah, 2019-20 was not the year you wanted to run into the Eagles.