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The Needler Is Still The Best Halo Gun Ever

Before we get into Halo's Infinite's Gameplay, checkout my latest YouTube video above! It's the funniest death comms I've gotten in Warzone Season 4! Let's just say people get PISSED when I fry them...enjoy the video!

Halo Infinite Beta


The needler may not be the most powerful weapon in Halo's history (cc. Spartan Laser, Gravity Hammer or Energy Sword), but boy is it fun to use. Just seeing the gun back on the screen brings back some major nostalgia vibes.

The Halo Infinite Beta is this weekend and a select few of lucky individuals got selected to play (I, obviously, did not because why would I? Halo, love me back. Plz.)

Battle Pass

Is there anything better than customizing your Spartan? These skins are making me excited…

Similar to every game ever in today's world, there's a battlepass that gives you certain skins and other unlockables. If Halo follows suit from other major publishers, the battlepass will most likely be $10-$15 dollars and each "season" will last roughly 60 days.

Line Up

This is an awesome touch and I'm always a fan of these. Can't wait to see what sort of unlockable walk-ins you'll be able to unlock throughout the game. I REALLY feel bad for the non-audio viewers on this blog because that iconic music hits different.

Ragdoll Physics

The physics in Halo Infinite are comical. Spartans have either been hitting the gym for the last 100 years or gravity isn't as strong as it used to be because people are FLYING after melee deaths.

"A Spartan does a homerun" uhhhhh….?


The plasma pistol - a gun that absolutely no one uses but knows the animation off the top of their head. Lowkey, if you're really skilled, it could be a very viable weapon when it's fully charged. Use the charged shot to knock off someone's shield and then quickly switch to another weapon for a few taps to the cranium. EZ kills.

Sound - check, visuals - check. Sniping is Halo is always a good time. It's incredible how the game can look so updated just remain it's classical visuals over the years.

The BR is back and I'd imagine this is one of the strongest guns in the game upon release day. Over the course of the beta, developers are gathering info to fine tune all weapon damage.

Gunplay and movement seem very smooth at first glance.


I don't wanna say anything else other than this - CLEAN

The Voice/Music

Again, this one is for my audio users. THAT VOICE. THAT MUSIC.

Can you tell I'm fired up for Halo Infinite?