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Draymond Was Texting The Warriors Who To Draft Annndddd Apparently They Already Want To Trade One Of Them

It's not shocking that a player who has been a starter on a good franchise for years texts suggestions on who to draft. That happens quite a bit. Whether they truly listened to him or not is the question. The fact is I actually like these picks for the Warrior.s You have two different sort of guys that fit what the Warriors want to do. Kuminga is the more raw player, athletic and needs to be developed a bit. Moses Moody is fucking awesome. I love his game. Knock down shooter, can create for himself and above average defender. Guess what? That's more space for Draymond and the rest of the crew. 

One slight problem though. 

I don't get this AT ALL. I like Duarte a lot. But take him at 7 if you loved him this much so he wouldn't fall to 13. He wasn't getting to them at 14 most likely at all. That's the one thing I never truly get about team complaining about drafts and what not. If you have a pick and you love a guy, take him. Who gives a shit if people scream that it's a reach. Getting Duarte and Moody would have been unbelievable. Those are two guys that step in right away, both can shoot, Duarte more of a ball handler. Sure, the ceiling is lower than Kuminga, but you have two more polished guys right off the bat. 

I'd love to see the text convo between Draymond and Myers though. Remember it was like 9am or so over in Japan. You know Myers saw the text and was just like 'alright here we go again. Guys Draymond won't stop talking.' Nobody tell Draymond they are trying to trade Moody though. We need to beat the Czech.