Brad Stevens Used His First Ever Draft Pick On Juhann Begarin

NBA Photos. Getty Images.

There it is, the first draft pick ever made by Brad Stevens. I can't lie, when I heard the pick I laughed. With guys like BJ Boston and Sharife Cooper available I think that's where most of us thought this pick was about to go. At 45, it's all a crapshoot anyway, this player will probably end up with Tremont's Two way, and from the looks of things this. is most likely a draft and stash situation

So who the hell even is Juhann Begarian? An 18 year old 6'5 wing from France who can do stuff like this

The reality of the situation is we all know this roster has holes to fill, and given what we've all experienced these last two seasons when it comes to the bench, I don't think anybody is going to complain that a potential roster spot is going to go to an actual NBA player. Keep this dude under your watch and see how he develops. 

This is our first opportunity to see if Brad can identify talent while also understanding he has to upgrade his roster. If that's a draft and stash for a year or two, fine by me. Let's at least get him to Vegas so we can all fall in love with him an Yam Madar during Summer League. 

Juhann Begarin? OK! Welcome to the club.