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There's Nothing Better Than A Good Ol' Fashioned Phil Hellmuth Blow Up


Yes go off Phil! These idiots from Northern Europe up to their old tricks again! Except this time it was Nick Wright, who apparently is a bit of a poker player himself. Nick didn't necessarily even play this hand poorly, but that didn't stop Phil from losing his mind anyway. A mockery of poker! A mockery! What the fuck is going on!? What a fucking mockery! 

I wasn't a huge fan of Phil's blowups from back in the day when he would berate amateurs at the table for hours on end. I found that to be counterproductive- Phil should encourage bad play from the amateurs because if he's the pro, the money should eventually flow up to him regardless. But the TV outbursts are what he became known for and it almost became a right of passage and an honor to end up on the receiving end of a Phil Hellmuth blowup. Because off the table he's a genuinely nice guy. But while playing poker, he is as intense and angry as they come. 

Never forget his infamous rant after Ruthless called him with QT



Brilliant stuff. 

We will have Phil on the Cracking Aces podcast eventually. In case you missed this last week's episode it was another good one. You don't have to love poker to enjoy the podcast, but you'll definitely learn a thing or two and be entertained for 50 minutes, can't beat that. Would love if you right now reading this could hit the subscribe button, it goes a long way.



We've had huge guests on the podcast and will have many more in the upcoming weeks/months, so if you're a poker fan or just getting interested now, there's plenty of old content to catch up on and lots of new stuff moving forward.

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