Leon Rose Fleeces A Couple Teams By Trading Down Twice Then Drafts The Best Player On The Board In Quentin Grimes




Did Leon Rose do it again or did Leon Rose do it again? OK, I know that we technically don't know if the Knicks swindled the teams in those trades or if Quentin Grimes was actually the best player on the board. But if getting future Hornets picks is a bad thing, I don't want to be good, even if these protections are brutal.

Actually these fake ass picks that may or may not happen don't matter since the Knicks are going to trade them to whatever superstar World Wide Wes can convince to ask for a trade to New York.

As for Grimes, I see some people saying the Knicks could've gotten him in the 2nd round. I also saw people say the Knicks could've gotten Immanuel Quickley in the 2nd round last year and we remember how that all turned out. None of the banter truly matters, since I can convince myself any player will be good based on a couple of stats and highlights, like these fancy numbers that I don't quite understand.


Being part a blue chipper coming out of high school in a class that will have 3 Knicks in the Top 10 once Zion escapes New Orleans. #BEL1EVE

Not to mention a sweeter stroke than Johnny Sins


Honestly, the last swishes that sounded that pure came from the right hand of Allan Houston, which is pretty much the nicest thing I can play about a shooter. Add in that Grimes is a tough defender with a great nickname that you know Thibs will love once he is no longer a filthy rookie and you have yet another steal by this awesome front office.

However despite all that, this tweet is what sold me on Quentin Grimes for life.

You know who else led Houston to the Final Four at shooting guard once upon a time? A little someone named Clyde Drexler. We'll set that as Quentin's floor. Yup, this pick was a home run.

UPDATE: LEON ain't done yet!

First up we have Rokas Jokubaitis, a crafty lefty point guard (I think all lefty point guards are technically considered crafty) as well as the best player from the Baltics the Knicks have ever drafted.


Followed by Miles McBride, who is a gritty defender going from Huggy Bear University to Thibs Graduate School that also has the nickname Deuce. Truly nothing not to LOVE about this pick.

Finally, the Knicks drafted a Jericho Sims, who not only will inspire countless Y2J references but also hit his fucking eye on the rim while dunking in a workout.

Grade: A++++++++