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BALL DON'T LIE: USMNT Got A Game-Winning Goal In The 86th Minute And Head Coach Gregg Berhalter Went BANANAS Taunting The Ref

Fuck yeah Gregggggggg. This is the shit I'm talking about and you're starting to win me over. Can we still question some of the decisions you make? Absolutely. But the fact that he'll get in the ref's face, screaming at him because they missed an obvious PK just seconds before a goal was scored is why I'm starting to love him. This is why we're going to be back-to-back-to-back-to-back World Cup champs. Just trust me on that one. And what a goal it was by Zardes. 

Really this just continues to show that Sheed hitting the world with numerous 'ball don't lie' screams is one of the greatest contributions a man can have to society. There's nothing and I mean NOTHING like delivering a perfect ball don't lie. Even better when it's soccer and a game-winning goal despite it being CONCACAF and a disaster from the officiating side. 

Now we get Mexico for the Gold Cup title. Good. I wanted them to beat Canada. I want our B team to beat Mexico for a title. We already got them in the Nations League which was awesome, now give me a Gold Cup title with this roster. No Pulisic, Dest, McKennie, etc. Just shows how deep our talent is with this young group making its way up. Just don't piss off Gregg.