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Out Of Absolutely Nowhere ANTHONY RIZZO Has Been Traded To The YANKEES

Jonathan Daniel. Getty Images.

I mean HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! I think this is the most shocked I've ever been in my life from a trade. The Yankees were never linked to Anthony Rizzo once in the last few weeks. This might be the ultimate Brian Cashman move maybe ever where he just operated in full stealth mode. I kinda assumed Rizzo was headed to Boston and then nope, to the Bronx you go. Insane. Rizzo is everything this lineup has needed. A lefty first baseman who hits for contact, doesn't strike out, and is a total fucking gamer. I'm so fucking in. 

And what did it cost? 

Two top 15 prospects (9 and 12) but also two guys the Yankees were not going to have use for in the near future. Fine with me. Cubs picking up the check also which allows the Yankees to go get some bullpen help and maybe a starting pitcher who knows. As far as I'm concerned this is a great deal. This lineup is going to be NUTS. What a 24 hours. 

Also…I'm worried about Carl. 

Real quick this means Luke Voit is about to get traded as well. I love Luke and always have ever since he came up a few years ago. That guy gave this team everything and he'll be missed. Sucks he couldn't stay healthy the last two years but it was a lot of fun when he was on the field. Ultimate guy you want on your team, truly an awesome dude through and through. Wherever he lands they'll love him, wish him the best.