The Hawks Have Offered Cam Reddish in Trades to Potentially Move Into the Lottery

The Atlanta Hawks are trying to move into the Lottery in tonight's NBA Draft and they're apparently willing to part with Cam Reddish to make it happen.

There have been rumors about Atlanta trading Reddish since the end of the season, given the fact the Hawks are presumably going to try to pay restricted free agent John Collins this year, have Trae Young's contract coming up after next season and also drafted De'Andre Hunter the same year as Reddish. So they can get rid of Reddish and essentially start the clock over on one of their rookie contracts.

Having so much talent that you have to get rid of one of your solid young players is a good problem to have, but that doesn't make it suck any less. After being injured most of last regular season Reddish came in during the playoffs and had a couple outstanding performances.

I was really looking forward to seeing what Reddish could turn into with the Hawks with some more consistent playing time next year and beyond, but it looks like he might not last with Atlanta much longer, if even past tonight.

I don't know who exactly the Hawks would target if they moved up a handful of spots — though I might suggest Tennessee wing Keon Johnson — but it looks like we may find out in a matter of hours.