Damian Lillard Is Absolutely Sick Of The Bullshit

Yesterday we got the tweets from Dame about his thoughts on this "report" that he'd give money back in order to go to a title team.

and now we have footage of him actually talking about it. Look at that man's face. That's the look of a man that's tired of the bullshit. It's honestly getting more outrageous by the day. From saying he's days away from demanding a trade to talking about who he likes to play with to the latest nonsense of him being willing to give back money. You can't even do that in the NBA! Your contract is your contract unless you get bought out, and something tells me the Blazers aren't going to buy out a supermax. 

The more I think about it, this would have me feeling good as a Blazers fan. There's obviously uncertainty around Dame's future, but the more this type of shit comes out the better I would feel about him staying in Portland strictly out of spite. Again, look at his face! Considering he just addressed this issue about a week ago you can't blame him for being frustrated. Especially with these "reports" being so outrageous to the point where they aren't even possible. In today's world, that goes viral on Twitter and is then treated as fact. It probably shouldn't be, but that's where we are in 2021. It's all a little bizarre because Dame has always come off as one of the most honest guys in the league. Does he give you the vibe of a guy who says one thing and means another? Not to me he doesn't. 

Like I said yesterday, I absolutely believe Dame is frustrated with where the Blazers are at. We know this because ya know....he said it. As the star player he has the ability to put pressure on the front office to improve, which we know he's doing because ya know....he said it. Unfortunately, outrageous Dame rumors that he did not say = clicks as opposed to just waiting for him to tell us what he wants to do.

I still think this is a prove it offseason for the Blazers. If they drop the ball and then have another underachieving season, that's probably the last straw for Dame. Then again, the NBA has proven to surprise us all when we least expect it. All I know is if I were a Blazers fan I would be praying that more of these outrageous reports come out because it only increases the chances that Dame says fuck it and stays out of spite just to ensure those reports would be false. That seems like something he would do.