White Sox Acquire 2B Cesar Hernandez From Cleveland And Are Better Now Than They Were This Morning

A lot of yous need to shut the fuck up now. I had 1 BILLION people in my mentions saying the Sox were going to stand pat and not make any moves prior to the deadline. Those people were basing their predictions on the Sox standing pat at the 2020 deadline, a deadline that was smack dab in the middle of a global pandemic and when nobody on earth knew wtf was going on with anything at all.

But that's all whatever. This is the first domino to fall. Is Cesar Hernandez Trevor Story? Is he Javy Baez? Well, this year he's basically been as good as both. Maybe even better. Here are the quick glances at all 3 of them this year:




No, he doesn't carry the sexy name recognition that Story or Baez do. But he's a completely adequate offensive player and that's  what they were looking for; someone who can hit in the bottom 3rd, provide a little pop and turn the lineup over while playing his typical awesome defense. Cesar Hernandez instantly makes the White Sox better now than they were a few hours ago. That, and he has a team option for 2022 - he'd be REALLY nice depth for them next year. Switching him and Leury out in 2022 will be extremely nice. That's a great cherry on top for this trade, that we won't see Leury every goddamn day now. 

To me, the juice was definitely worth the squeeze. Konnor Pilkington - the player they traded to Cleveland - could be a decent pitcher eventually. I think he'll settle into a Zach Duke type role down the road, but you'd trade that for a player of Hernandez' quality all day if you're trying to win a World Series, IMO, and that's what the White Sox are trying to do: win a World Series. 

The lineup is now more or less set once Lu and Grandal return. Need our best players to still be our best players though. Can't have extended slumps from TA and Abreu once Lu and Grandal return. No more swinging at garbage pitches out of those two. 

So now we keep playing the waiting game some more. The White Sox will get at least one reliever. Probably two. It'd be incredible if they swung for the fence for someone like a Kimbrel, but someone of Ryan Tepera's ilk is much more likely - just a few quality pitchers you can trust in the 6th or 7th that shouldn't net some huge prospect package. Paul Fry from Baltimore is another really interesting possibility and he's been very, very good this year. 

Another thing that has to be considered for the bullpen - Dylan Cease will move there for the playoffs as well. The rotation to start a playoff series will go Rodon, Gio and Lynn in some order. Cease will move to the pen and Keuchel will start a game 4 with a quick leash. Dylan Cease has shit that PLAYS in the pen. If he has his command, he misses a lot of bats and that will be a welcome addition to the pen come October. 


(Starting pitcher) --> Cease --> Kopech --> Hendriks is really scary for any opposing lineup. Bummer looked awesome last night and if he's back to his normal self, add him to the mix too. Then you can sprinkle in whoever the acquisitions are on top of them, and they're a team that can win it all. Not saying they will, but every player on that team expects to hoist the Commissioner's Trophy come October. Simple as that.

Let's keep it going. Bats will wake up tonight in KC