2021 NBA Draft Live Blog (Seriously, An Actual Live Blog With Updates And Everything)

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That's right folks, we're doing an actual live blog. Updating it after each pick and giving my thoughts in real time on this here site. I plan on rambling like you're sitting here in my basement with me about what I think of each pick, trade and whatever the hell else happens. Everyone in the world has a show now, no one else is doing a live blog. They zig, we zag. I'm an absolute sucker for the NBA Draft and always has been. In my past life I actually did scouting for a couple agencies, helping them know more about their players so they could help place them in Europe or with certain summer league teams, so I'll be doing some breakdowns along with just reacting. All those years of watching college hoops finally paid off.

 The blog will be updated after each pick, so just hit refresh and scroll down and you'll see whatever pick we're on and talking about. I'll even try to mix in some Twitter questions and stuff like that in the blog. 

The draft officially starts at 8, but we know what's happening with the top 3 already. 

Sure, trades can happen and what not, but this seems to be nearly locked in. No real surprise with the top-3 and I fully expect Jalen Suggs to go 4 to the Raptors. That's the clear top-4 in the draft and what everyone expected the entire time. Might as well start with pick 5 if you ask me. See you all on the other side. 60 picks, 60 takes. Let's go. 

 Detroit Pistons (Round 1, Pick 1) - Cade Cunningham, Oklahoma State

Well, there it is. Cade Cunningham. A no-brainer pick. Now here's what we need to discuss. What do you want from a No. 1 overall pick. Sure, everyone will scream about him turning into LeBron or whatever. No. The key is him being a top-2 option on a team you're building around and winning. The Pistons stink, but Cade is good enough to be a top-2 guy. He has a high floor in the sense of he's always going to have skills that translate. Shot 40% from three, good size, will be an above average defender. Has the name too. He can be a one-name guy. Cade works. Also just think about what he did in one year at Oklahoma State. That roster wasn't great. It wasn't filled with a bunch of top recruits. By the time March rolled around we were going 'hey, you know, they could make a Final Four.' Obviously they didn't, but we all weren't surprised that Cade was good enough to carry a team like that. That's how good this dude is.

Houston Rockets (Round 1, Pick 2) - Jalen Green (G League Ignite) 


Not exactly shocking that the Rockets aren't great. They've traded basically every single person that did anything for them. Well, good news here. Jalen Green is a dude who can score and that's underselling it. Absolutely no shock if he scores 20 per game quick. Also showed that the G League didn't hurt him or anything like that. Spent a year working in a pro environment. Dude has good size at 6'6" and you can start to rebuild, assuming they don't decide to trade everyone again. Top notch suit by Jalen Green tonight. You can't wear this and not be a star. 

Cleveland Cavs (Round 1, Pick 3) - Evan Mobley, USC

Can I interest you in a dude who is basically guaranteed to be a near great defender? That's what Mobley is. It makes sense for Cleveland to take him here too. They traded for Rubio earlier today, rumors are they are going to trade Collin Sexton and still have Darius Garland. You take Mobley, build with him and Garland and what ever other assets you have. Offensively he has the ability to step out, hit some 15-footers, crash the glass. Look at what the Suns did with Deandre Ayton and how they surrounded him. That's what the Cavs need to do with Mobley and Mobley is already a better defender than Ayton. 

Toronto Raptors (Round 1, Pick 4) - Scottie Barnes, Florida State



What?!? Listen, I like Scottie Barnes, I think he's the 5th best player in this class, but Jalen Suggs was right there. You remember Jalen Suggs? The dude that was unbelievable at Gonzaga, can play both sides of the ball and a guy that can come in and play with FVV since Lowry is leaving? Yeah, that guy. Instead they took Scottie Barnes, who can't really shoot and is way more like Pascal Siakam. I don't like this at all and now we're going to get crazy. That top-4 is officially no more and we're going to get a little bit of mayhem. So now you have Siakam (for now) and Barnes and OG on the wing? Sure, I guess? 

On the clock - Orlando Magic - Jalen Suggs, Gonzaga

Congrats, Magic. You just got a steal because in no way should Jalen Suggs have fallen to you. It's going to be weird though with him and Cole Anthony out there though. But Suggs is fucking awesome. Dude can attack the glass, defend, did you know he played football too? He did, in case you never watched 30 seconds of a game. He's probably the most athletic guard in this top group here and now you get to put him in Orlando. Feels like a big let down for Suggs though. Here he was about to go to Toronto who actually has had some success to … the Magic. Yuck. 

Oklahoma City Thunder (Round 1 Pick 6) - Josh Giddey, Australia 

Yeah, sure, what the fuck is going on man? Josh Giddey was projected to go 10th or so. Maybe as high as 8? But here's the thing. The Thunder need to swing for the fucking fences. They can't take role players. They have nothing outside of SGA in terms of star level talent and a ton of picks. That doesn't mean much unless you get another type of star talent. Giddey is 6'8" so you can get some size on the wing and pair with SGA. Giddey is a pretty good passer who can be that secondary ball handler and creator. The draft is officially off the rails though. 

Golden State Warriors (Round 1, Pick 7) - Jonathan Kuminga, G League Ignite


Alright, Kuminga is off the board. This was the pick that I was really interested in because of what the Warriors are. They are a team with Steph Curry (pretty good), Klay and Draymond. They are in win-now mode with two lottery picks. You, uh, rarely see that. Kuminga is an 'upside' (drink) type player. He's someone who can come in and help, but it's a complete crapshoot if it'll be right this second or not. Now that said, he's a freak athlete who can defend. That helps with what the Warriors like to defensively since he can protect the rim, switch ball screens and not have to do too much offensively. The question now obviously is do the Warriors keep him. It makes sense to take him here though. You have two lottery picks, you take a guy like Kuminga, who was regarded as a clear tier 1 guy for most of the season until he fell into tier 2. I don't hate this pick at all. Now we see what the hell happens. 

Orlando Magic (Round 1, Pick 8) - Franz Wagner, Michigan

I can't believe I'm saying this but the Magic are doing smart shit. Sure, they got lucky that Suggs fell to them. They still correctly picked him. Now they go with Franz Wagner, who is the best team defender in this class. He's a fucking menace on pick and rolls, which is quite important in the NBA. Can shoot the ball and now the Magic weirdly have a bunch of interesting young guys. Suggs and Wagner? Not too shabby for the Magic. 

Sacramento Kings (Round 1, Pick 9) - Davion Mitchell, Baylor

Do the Kings know they need to play more than point guards? Actually, fuck it. Just play point guards. They now have De'Aaron Fox, Tyrese Haliburton and now Davion Mitchell. Yeah, sure, Mitchell can play off the ball, but at some point the Kings need to draft literally any other position. I love Mitchell's game too. Defends his ass off, can shoot, can beat you off the dribble. I hope the Kings now trade Buddy Hield for another point guard. Leave it to the Kings to do this because the Kings never do anything right. I feel for Mitchell. Literally any other spot and I'd feel so much better for him. 


Memphis Grizzlies (via NO Pelicans) (Round 1, Pick 10) - Ziarie Williams, Stanford 

I have no idea what the fuck is happening. The Grizzlies traded up for this? Williams wasn't exactly predicted to go in the top-10 but here we are. He's a complete wild card because we don't know exactly what to make of his game. Stanford had a weird year with how they had to live in a hotel and in North Carolina and all that. So who knows if that had an impact on him. But to trade up for this? That seems not ideal. I don't know, this draft isn't making any sense and we still have 50 goddamn picks to go. 

Charlotte Hornets (Round 1, Pick 11) - James Bouknight, UConn

Now this is a pick that finally makes sense, maybe. I still think the Hornets should have gone with Corey Kispert since they desperately need shooting but Bouknight is a solid piece to put next to LaMelo Ball. He did fall a little bit since a lot of people assumed he'd go top-8 or 9. But again, when you have someone like LaMelo you start to build around them. Bouknight falling to you at a11 is too good to pass up and he doesn't overlap with what Melo does besides drive and score. I don't hate this one bit. 

San Antonio Spurs (Round 1, Pick 12) - Josh Primo, Alabama


Okay, another guy that went about 10 spots higher than most expected. There are a ton of guys still on the board and they went with Josh Primo from Alabama, which is a bit weird. Don't get me wrong they need shooting, but Primo is still a bit raw. He's just 18-years old. He's a guard and all that, but COREY KISPERT AND TREY MURPHY were right there. Take the damn shooters when you need that. Was Pop even making this pick? Isn't it like 10am over there in Japan or something like that? No way he remembered to Zoom in for this. I don't even dislike Primo or anything, but he was slotted to go around 25. Nothing makes a lick of sense in this draft man. Not one thing. 

Indiana Pacers (Round 1, Pick 13) - Chris Duarte, Oregon

Fucking Pacers man. Gotta go ruin and a good thing and make a good pick. Fuck you Reggie Miller. You had nothing to do with his pick, but I still hate you. Do I care that Chris Duarte is 24? No, we should probably stop bringing that up at this point. Dude can do it all. Above average defender, can shoot, can handle the ball. I'm not going to lie. Getting Duarte was high on my Knicks wish list. Summer of Vibbs or some shit. 

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Golden State Warriors (Round 1, Pick 14) - Moses Moody, Arkansas 


And this is why you don't freak out about what the Warriors do at 7. This is why you don't get on Twitter and scream about them taking a shot with Jonathan Kuminga - who was a projected top-5 guy forever. Because at 14 they landed Moses Moody, who I think is a clear cut top-10 guy at 14. A hell of a shooter and defender. He's a '3-and-D' guy but even more than that he can start to create his own shot. You know what that means? Yeah more space for Klay, Steph and Draymond. It's a perfect fit. It's a perfect pick. Moody is incredible and this is a safe pick that fits everything the Warriors needed. 

I am slightly worried that Kendrick Perkins couldn't pronounce his name. Laugh out loud funny how many times this took. 

Mokek Mode. That one may have been my favorite. Perkins sounded like a CD that skipped there for a second. Remember CD's? Man I miss making a blank CD. Two hours to go and we're talking CD's, makes sense. 

Washington Wizards (Round 1, Pick 15) - Corey Kispert, Gonzaga

Wonder if the Yak boys will replace Gonzaga legend and Wizards player Rui with Kispert now. It makes sense. Just load up on a bunch of dudes that can shoot now that Russ is gone. I actually don't hate that. I feel for Kispert though. He should have went to the Hornets or Spurs and instead ends up on Washington with a team that has no idea what's about to happen. You can argue that Kispert is the best shooter in this draft, so the Wizards got that going for them. 



RIP Terrence. Incredibly well done by the NBA and Adam Silver.

 Houston Rockets via Oklahoma City Thunder (Round 1, Pick 16) - Alperen Sengun, Turkey


So we have Oklahoma City getting some protected first round picks because they have too many picks already. The Rockets take another shot and it makes sense. Sengun fell a bit and the Rockets jumped on him. This is the type of pick they should make, put him with Christian Wood and Jalen Green. Sengun is loved by analytics. Put up numbers we didn't really see done in Europe from that aspect. Again, it makes sense because the Rockets need as much help as possible. 

New Orleans Pelicans (Round 1, Pick 17) - Trey Murphy, Virginia


And there is the guy who really shot up mock drafts the last couple of weeks. Murphy has size and can shoot. Like might be the best shooter in the class behind Corey Kispert can shoot. That's EXACTLY who they should take to help out Zion. The Pels are in that weird spot where they need to keep as much spacing as possible with Jonas Valanciunas and Zion on the floor. Really just give Zion as much space as possible considering he's a playmaking big man. Give Zion space and surround him with shooters. We also have a track record of Virginia guys being pretty damn good in the NBA despite Tony Bennett's system catching heat in college. Joe Harris, Klay, Malcolm Brogdon, De'Andre Hunter, etc. All seem to be working out pretty good. 

 Oklahoma City Thunder (Round 1, Pick 18) - Tre Mann, Florida

Yeah, I mean like I said the Thunder have a million picks. This is a guy that can play basketball and can shoot. That helps. The Thunder need to try and get stars and Mann can really score and shoot. When you have roughly 45 picks you need to take some shots. Not to sound repetitive, but that's what the Thunder are going to do. 

Charlotte Hornets (via the Knicks) (Round 1, Pick 19) - Kai Jones, Texas


In Leon we trust.


Yep the Hornets nailed this. They had two major needs - shooting and a big man. Kai Jones is a FREAK athletically. He's a guy that can really defend, protect the rim and then rim run offensively. That's exactly the sort of guy they need at the big spot with LaMelo. It's a perfect pick - honestly, I was hoping the Knicks would take Kai Jones here. But for the Hornets it's a perfect pick. You got a big guy about 3-4 spots lower than he was expected to go. 

Atlanta Hawks (Round 1, Pick 20) - Jalen Johnson, Duke

There's Jalen Johnson who might be the most polarizing guy in this draft. I'm not super high on him just because I think he has major weaknesses. But he was a 5-star at Duke before he stepped away from the team and trained for the NBA. How does he work not being the guy in Atlanta? He has to find a role, maybe they move on from John Collins and try to use him in that role? He doesn't really have that outside shot though that we saw Collins develop. He's going to have to get better shooting and defending, especially with the way the Hawks play. There's a ton of talent there but I'm not high on him.

Los Angeles Clippers via New York Knicks (Round 1, Pick 21) - Keon Johnson, Tennessee


Leon is addicted to trading. I love it. He's got something up his sleeve. 

WOJ GOT GOT AGAIN. It's actually the Clippers. 

Alright, a guy who is super athletic, likes to drive and a decent defender. Yeah, just go ahead and put him next to George and Kawhi if he stays and gets healthy. He needs to improve shooting because George and Kawhi like to drive. But I get it. This is where he should have been picked. I don't think it's anything crazy. The Clippers are starting to load up on guys this size/versatile when you look at Terrence Mann and guys like that. He doesn't have to do much and can just slash and defend. 

Indiana Pacers via Washington Wizards via Los Angeles Lakers (Round 1, Pick 22) 

Alright, you got all those trades? I'm starting to see double at this point. But my guy Isaiah Jackson goes to Indiana and he's a goddamn freak athletically. He couldn't stay out of foul trouble but I believe that was more due to him being played out of position at Kentucky. We don't talk about last year though, okay. He can block shots. He jumps out of the gym, can switch. If he can get a bit of a shot, he'll be dangerous. But Indiana got a dude who can defend and can start to work on his raw offensive skills. Fucking Vibbs again. 

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Houston Rockets (Round 1, Pick 23) - Usman Garuba, Real Madrid

Gonna be a hell of a morning in Japan for Usman Garuba who is currently playing for Spain. He's a dude who can really defend and is playing in a great league over in Spain. I've seen him comped to a Taj Gibson type guy and again the Rockets just need to keep loading up on as many players that can help out as possible. Garuba has a role, which is half the battle. It's going to be defending and finishing at the rim. He's raw in the halfcourt offensively, but you have time to develop him a bit since the Rockets aren't doing shit next year. 

Houston Rockets (Round 1, Pick 24) - Joshua Christopher, Arizona State

How many goddamn times do I have to talk about the Rockets tonight? This is getting out of control. But they went after Josh Christopher and another scorer. They clearly have a plan here. Get guys that can get buckets, take someone like Garuba who can defend and hope you hit on a couple. Jalen Green is a potential star and Christopher is a potential starter. He was a 5-star who decided to go to Arizona State. He didn't live up to as much hype as he had, but again, it's Arizona State. Who outside of James Harden has done that? I like what the Rockets are doing as scary as that is. 

 New York Knicks via Clippers (Round 1, Pick 25)  - Quentin Grimes, Houston

LEON DID IT. What a pick. What a beautiful pick. The Knicks need offensive help and Grimes is just that. A shooter, former 5-star who spent a year at Kansas before transferring to Houston and leading them to a Final Four. The exact type of player they need to target to come off the bench with Quickley. You now have two wings who can be secondary ball handlers and shooters. He's going to start playing right away, even if Thibs doesn't love rookies, and be able to do something the Knicks lacked. I love it. Loaded up on a couple more picks and now landed Grimes. Beautiful, Leon. 

Denver Nuggets (Round 1, Pick 26) - Bones Hyland, VCU

All-time cool name. Bones Hyland should have gone lottery simply because he goes by the name Bones. Oh he's also damn good. Can shoot, good size, a menace defensively. Smart pick here by the Nuggets with Jamal Murray dealing with that ACL injury. They have a guard who can come off the bench and provide scoring. You can play him with Monte Morris even if you have to for a little bit with no Murray. I like this a lot. I really thought there was a chance he'd fall to the early second round, but he's a for sure first rounder for me. Nah'Shon Holand aka Bones Hyland. Top-1 name. 

Brooklyn Nets (Round 1, Pick 27) - Cam Thomas, LSU

This feels like cheating. I don't know how but the Nets getting the 4th leading scorer in college basketball here just doesn't feel right. I mean, sure, it makes all the sense. You add some depth and another guy who can score which will help off the bench. That's who Cam Thomas is though. He can't really defend, he doesn't look to pass. That's fine if the Nets use him right. I assume they'll use him with one of the big 3 guys when there's a break, but they got a scorer here. Cam Thomas is going to be good if he gets better defensively. Hell of a scorer. 

Philadelphia 76ers (Round 1, Pick 28) - Jaden Springer, Tennessee

Alright, the Sixers actually got someone who can create shots. That seems like a plus. He actually shot 42% from three this year even. He can even defend! Seems like a plus for a team that you know couldn't shoot. His biggest knock is going to Tennessee. I can't think of a winner from Tennessee in the NBA. Now he didn't shoot a ton of threes, he shot a couple per game. That needs to go up, but the shot is there. Again, we know what the Sixers suck at and getting someone that can at least be a threat to shoot is a step. 

Brooklyn Nets via Phoenix Suns (Round 1, Pick 29) - Day'Ron Sharpe, UNC

The Nets are getting a dude who simply doesn't stop. We're going to hear about his 'motor' nonstop - drink. He's also pretty massive at 6'11" and 255lbs. Gives them a different look with an aging DeAndre Jordan and what they want to do at the five spot. Again, this is a guy that will come off the bench, provide a couple minutes and just give the Nets a completely different look. He can't shoot or anything like that but he's got some decent passing for a big man. Just buy some minutes off the bench, rebound and beat up some guys inside. That's what he has to do for the Nets. 

 Memphis Grizzlies via Utah Jazz (Round 1, Pick 30) - Santi Aldama, Loyola Maryland


Shout out Loyola Maryland! I can't believe they have a first round pick, but really that's how good Santi is. If you watched too much college hoops - come talk to me - you know about Santi. Walking double-double with points and rebounds. Can handle the ball and shot 37% from three this past year. He's not going to kill you with athleticism, but the Grizzlies are getting a dude to help space the floor for Ja. That's the way the game is going, so I get it. A bench guy who needs to get stronger and provides a different look. 

On the clock - Washington Wizards via Indiana Pacers via Bucks(Round 2, Pick 31 overall) - Isaiah Todd, G League Ignite

We're not stopping with round 1. Fuck no. We got a bunch of guys still out there. Isaiah Todd come on down after way too many trades. G League Ignite dude who originally was going to go to Michigan. He now goes to the Wizards. Big dude at 6'10" that went about 15 spots higher than most people thought he would. Actually can shoot the ball too and has nice touch. 

New York Knicks (Round 1, Pick 32 overall) - Jeremiah Robinson-Earl, Villanova

Okay, Leon. Go get a big time player from Nova and Big East Player of the Year. He had two options here. One of the point guards or JRE. He went with JRE, who is a great rebounder, nice touch. He can get pushed around a little but that's what Kenny Payne and Thibs are there for. Get him a little stronger and work on his defense. But he's another scorer, from the big spot that can step out thanks to the Nova system. I like it. Would I have preferred a guard? Sure, of course. But if you go big, you go with a skilled big. He complements Randle well. 

UPDATE - Disregard everything I said. It's a trade. Oklahoma City got him. They need people.

Los Angeles Clippers (Round 2, Pick 33 overall) - Jason Preston, Ohio

Hell yes. Jason Preston is one of the best stories in this draft. Dude was blogging playing on a C team before he got one offer to Ohio and blew up. Tall guard, who can get a triple double. I'm pumped he went this early. He can help give the Clippers some offensive help off the bench and you can play him with a bunch of different dudes on that roster. Seems pretty clear the Clippers are targeting certain type of players. 

New York Knicks (Round 2, Pick 34) - Rokas Jokubaitis

I'm still waiting to confirm this is a real person. I see he shot 40% in Lithuania and EuroLeague, but please stand by. Okay, I just got a text from someone who is in the business and said he's the next Beno Udrih. COME ON DOWN. 

New Orleans Pelicans (Round 2, Pick 35 overall) - Herb Jones, Alabama

What a defender here in Herb Jones. The Pelicans need help there and Herb Jones might be the best defender in the entire class. He can't do much offensively in terms of scoring and that's fine. There are spots for true defensive guys in the league - look at PJ Tucker. Sure, he can't shoot from the corner like PJ, but he can maybe get there. But this is a guy that can really defend. 

New York Knicks (Round 2, Pick 36) - Deuce McBride, West Virginia

Fuck yes, Leon. I don't need a text about a Beno Udrih type player. I know Deuce McBride and Deuce McBride is exactly what the Knicks do. Hard-nosed kid that is going to work his ass off. He also can really shoot the ball. this wasn't a standard West Virginia team this past year where they just press and struggle in the halfcourt. Oh, no. Deuce can really play on the offensive side. Another guy off the bench that can come in and provide some scoring and work his ass off for Thibs. I thought he might go at 21 and you get him at 36. LEON. 

Charlotte Hornets (Round 2, Pick 37) - JT Thor, Auburn

Hornets get another super athletic big. Well, he's not a traditional big like Kai Jones, but you know what I'm saying here. It's late. Auburn ran stuff for him and used him in a different ways, which should help his development but the real thing here is he needs to get stronger and develop a bit more of a shot. Real strong defensive player and the Hornets are taking shots. They've had a good draft. 

Chicago Bulls (Round 2, Pick 38) - Ayo Dosunmu, Illinois 

I'm just happy for my friend Carl here. He's had a day. Whether he was getting cut off driving and yelled at by Dallas or his favorite players being traded from the Cubs, he gets an Illinois legend in Chicago. Good for him. Really this is a great pick because I can't believe Ayo fell this far. I had him as a first rounder, maybe one of the first 2-3 picks in the 2nd round. You know his game, All-American this past year that can shoot, drive to the rim and loves the moment. Awesome he's staying home. 

Sacramento Kings (Round 2, Pick 39) - Neemias Queta, Utah State 

Coming off a year where he averaged a double-double and yet his best strength might be protecting the rim. He was the anchor for a good Utah State program the last few years. He does struggle a bit defensively when he has to guard on the perimeter, which will hurt in the NBA, but he protects the rim awesome. Also dunked everything. Just caught it and dunked it. Will need to improve pick and pop, but hey, it's the Kings. At least they didn't draft another guard. 

Utah Jazz (Round 2, Pick 40) - Jared Butler, Baylor

Finally Butler is off the board. I know he had the health scare with his heart but he was cleared to play. That's the only reason it makes sense for him falling. Big guard that can shoot, distribute oh and he kicked Gonzaga's ass in the title game. Also the way Baylor played that man-to-man he's used to switching and can really bother guards. Davion Mitchell took a ton of credit, but Butler is an above average defender. Like this for the Jazz who add some help behind Donovan Mitchell and could lose Mike Conley. 

San Antonio Spurs (Round 2, Pick 41) - Joe Wieskamp, Iowa

The Spurs finally address some shooting. Wieskamp shot 46 percent from three this past season. That's insane. Also it was Iowa, they launched threes. He's not going to help defensively or create for himself, but he's a catch and shoot guy. He went 41, you're talking about a guy that will play a few minutes, but he can help with that shooting and create space. The Spurs desperately need that. 

Detroit Pistons (Round 2, Pick 42 overall) - Isaiah Livers, Michigan

Awesome here. Kid from Michigan, played at Michigan stays with the Pistons. Livers is a true 3-and-D guy. He doesn't have GREAT range, but he's a knockdown shooter. He's also a versatile defender that Juwan Howard used as the college four. He can guard bigger than him and still guard on the perimeter. 

Portland Trail Blazers (Round 2, Pick 43 overall) - Greg Brown, Texas

Alright, this is an interesting pick. Greg Brown was a top recruit who went to Texas. Here's the thing. He just straight up can't pass. He's a guy who looks for his own shot. There's a ton of upside with him but he's not great defensively and that whole passing thing. His jumper is also very streaky. He's super athletic, can score, but it will take some time to adjust to the game. I get it for the Blazers who are taking a shot and trying to keep Dame happy. 

Brooklyn Nets (Round 2, Pick 44) - Kessler Edwards, Pepperdine

Alright, I like a lot. Kessler Edwards flew under the radar because he played at Pepperdine. Coming off a year he averaged 17 per game and shot 39% from three. These are the type of players the Nets need to come off the bench and add some depth behind the big 3. He doesn't create for himself, but he's a great catch and shoot guy and also can defend. Smart pick. 

Boston Celtics (Round 2, Pick 45 overall) - Juhuann Begarin

Hahaha bums. Could have had Sharife Cooper. I don't have anything else on this guy. He played in France, so did Frankie Smokes. Keep draft and stashing when you need to add help to a team that was regressing. 

Toronto Raptors (Round 2, Picks 46 and 47 overall) - Dalano Banton, Nebraska/David Johnson, Louisville

Back to back picks here for Toronto. Banton was a dude who really came up the rankings lately from Nebraska and is from Toronto originally. If he can develop a consistent jump shot, this is a massive steal. He has the body, the handle, the defense of an NBA player. But if he can get that jumper down it's a steal. David Johnson is a bigger guard who played alongside Carlik Jones at Louisville. He can be a lead guard. He fits Toronto because of that. He's a secondary ball handler that can catch and shoot. They are trying to find guys to fill in if Lowry leaves and that's what they are trying to find here. 

Atlanta Hawks (Round 2, Pick 48) - Sharife Cooper, Auburn

GOD DAMNIT. The Hawks can't have Trae Young and Sharife Cooper. Nope, not on my watch. They need to trade him ASAP. It made no sense for him to fall this far besides 'being small.' I've heard that story before. Now you get Cooper to come in for Trae Young and still have a guy who is AWESOME in the pick and roll? Unfair. Cheating. The Hawks don't deserve this after they beat the Knicks, in my opinion. 

Brooklyn Nets (Round 2, Pick 49) - Marcus Zegarowski, Creighton

I don't love that the Nets are making smart picks. They are taking guys who can score and come off the bench. Zegarowski is a good shooter and scorer from Creighton. Played the lead guard spot, but you can have him run off the ball too in spots. Again, this is what the Nets are doing and I hate how much it makes sense. We know for them it's all about the playoffs. They can rest Kyrie/Harden and still have guys that are scorers coming into the league. 

Philadelphia 76ers (Round 2, Pick 50) - Filip Petrsuev, Serbia/Gonzaga

Remember this name college basketball fans? He left Gonzaga last offseason to go play pro and now entered the NBA Draft and is going to Philly. He's a big who was one of the most efficient players in college hoops. He's not a defender, but he's a pretty good scorer at any league so far. We'll see what the Sixers do with him, but he's essentially a guy you can bring in off the bench for a few minutes as long as there are defenders around him. 

Los Angeles Clippers (Round 2, Pick 51) - BJ Boston, Kentucky

Well there is Boston, he fell a bit. Listen, I know he didn't have a good year at Kentucky but nobody did. He was a former top-5 projected pick who fell all the way here. I like it for the Clippers who are trying to swing late. You take a shot on someone like Boston and hope that the potential comes up at some point. I truly think he's going to be a better player in the pros than he was at Kentucky. He'll have more space. His shot isn't broken even though he didn't shoot it well. Get a little stronger, shoot it better and this is a massive steal. Again, the Clippers take guys who have the length like Boston and hope you can develop him without pressure. 

Detroit Pistons (Round 2, Pick 52) - Luka Garza, Iowa

There he is. The NPOY and one of the better college players we saw. Now, that obviously doesn't translate to the NBA because he's slower and can't defend. I mean Iowa had to run a shitty 2-3 zone strictly because of him. BUT that said, he can shoot and finish with a set of creative moves in the post. His footwork is phenomenal and I'm interested if he can still use his strength in the NBA. Defense is a huge concern though. 

Philadelphia 76ers (Round 2, Pick 53) - Charles Bassey, WKU 

Sixers keep bolstering that front line. They get a true center here in Bassey who has NBA size and strength. He got a bit careless at WKU because well, it was Western Kentucky and they ran everything through him and let him try to get crazy off the bounce. In Philly they should use him in ball screens and post ups. He can protect the rim too. A fine backup center which is what you're looking for this late in the draft.

Milwaukee Bucks (Round 2, Pick 54) - Sandro Mamukelashvili, Seton Hall

We've hit the portion of the draft where we are seeing college names we all love. Shout out Mamu. But seriously, he's an elite offensive player with good size. Look at what the Bucks like to do. They put a bunch of guys around Giannis who can space the floor and keep the drive open. Mamu can do that if he gets minutes. We saw the Bucks develop Giannis and I'm not saying Mamu is Giannis but in the sense of a guy with a ton of size who can get the ball and go. 

Oklahoma City Thunder (Round 2, Pick 55) - Aaron Wiggins, Maryland

Nothing more than a role player and that's fine. He's a decent shooter and decent defender. We've seen the Thunder take shots on guys like this because it doesn't necessarily matter if they don't work out. Wiggins ended up shooting the ball really well this past year and that's what the Thunder are hoping for. He's also an above average defender. 

Charlotte Hornets (Round 2, Pick 56 overall) - Scottie Lewis, Florida

Former 5-star who is super athletic. This is the dude that does leg kicks to get off the ground. But the real question is will he ever develop a shot. The mechanics are there but he just can't shoot. The Hornets make a smart pick again though because you can put him on a two-way deal or develop him playing behind their wings. They add some depth with a shot on a guy who has talent. 

Detroit Pistons (Round 2, Pick 57) - Balsa Koprivca, Florida State

Just a massive human being who played at Florida State because FSU always gets nothing but tall dudes. It's a shot in the dark as he wasn't even on some top-100 lists I saw. But the Pistons are just hoping to hit around Cade and they take a guy on a 7-footer with some skill. 

New York Knicks (Round 2, Pick 58 overall) - Jericho Sims, Texas

I know we're at pick 58 so we're not talking about stars, but this is a bit of a steal. He was a top-45 guy and you get him at 58? Oh he's also nothing but a defender. Yep, sounds like a Thibs special here. Can he be a Nerlens Noel type player? That's the goal. He's going to rim run, can actually defend on the perimeter and be used in ball screens. Not too bad for pick 58, but maybe I'm just exhausted at this point. 

Brooklyn Nets (Round 2, Pick 59 overall) - RaiQaun Gray, Florida State

One of the more unique players in the draft. He's a bit undersized at 6'8" but played as a perimeter big. Not in the sense that he was a great shooter or anything like that but he would put the ball on the floor and attack. Who knows how the Nets use him, but he's got a unique skill set. 

Milwaukee Bucks (Round 2, Pick 60 overall) - Georgios Kalaitzakis, Greece

Must be a friend of Giannis. I don't know man I don't have anything here. You have 6,600+ words to read. Good draft, good live blog.