Max Scherzer Trade Watch: He's Starting Game 1 Of The Doubleheader But Is Also Expected To Be Moved Today




Well, this could be it. The last start for Mad Max in a Nats jersey. Man. What a run. What a legendary run he's had. Lived up to and surpassed his 7 year, $210 million contract with flying colors. The Cy Youngs, the 20k game, the immaculate innings, the no-hitters, and of course the World Series ring. He did it all and more. 

He's pitching today after being scratched from his last start, but likely won't go too long. Scouts just want to make sure he's healthy before they trade away the farm for him. Let's hope he goes out in the most perfect Max Scherzer way- gives up a leadoff homer, and the retires 13 of the next 14, 10 down on strikes. That's the Max Scherzer I know and love.

Obviously I'll be monitoring this closely, but it seems like it will go down today if everything goes well in his start. If so, thank you Max, I love you.