It's beach day and this time we're all invited!



That's our Pam. Stays in the shadows and then BOOM, hits us over the head with a thirst trap we haven't seen since Kelly encouraged her to buy new clothes. Fashion show! Fashion Show! Fashion show at lunch! Keep doing your thing, Pam.


PS: It's actually crazy how comforting The Office still is. Like even last night, I couldn't fall asleep, I put on The Office. It's just a show you can always go back to, no matter what. Put on Stress Relief (part 2) and you'll fall asleep happy. Maybe it's cliche at this points, but I really do go back to The Office more than any other show. I don't know how they figured out the formula, it's like they put an algorithm in the show to keep you coming back, because it's perfect. I mean besides the Will Ferrell episodes and most of the final 2 seasons, but we don't talk about that. I don't mind Robert California so much anymore, but some of the other new characters they bring in flop big time.


PS: I know the internet's thing is "Pam stinks, Pam is the worst, blah blah blah". I mean..I don't know...she's a receptionist at a small paper company in Scranton. Like, what do people expect from her? She's insecure, she dropped out of art school, her parents didn't love each other, she was in a manipulative relationship with Roy, has low self-esteem etc. I think they write her pretty perfectly to be honest. She's incredibly flawed. She is selfish a lot of times (uhhh, she goes behind Jim's back and finds out the gender of their baby and then accidentally tells him, ugh). I think we watch TV and expect to see perfect characters, and they never once made Pam perfect, nor tried to. 

Oh and Jim isn't cool either. He's a slacker paper salesman who had no real motive or drive in life until the final season. Him and Pam belong together.