How The FUCK Is The Panhandling Dog Outside Of Citi Field Still Allowed To Be A Thing?

So the other night I went to the Mets game to enjoy watching them lose to their rival Atlanta Braves 12-5. It was real fucking FUN. Yet before that massacre began I trekked to Citi Field from work in Manhattan (A little pro tip for all you Manhattan-commuting Mets fans is to take the LIRR for $6.50. STOP TAKING THE 7 LINE. IT TAKES SO LONG) and noticed this fella as I was walking down from the train platform. 

I have, much like many Mets fans, seen this pup before dressed to the 9's with that dumb fucking sign that reads "Thank you for the picture but don't forget I don't like cheap people" and this was the first time I saw the pup this season. As a guy who is simply just a massive fan of dogs what the actual HELL are we still doing here, people?!?!? How is this still allowed!!! It's been going on for YEARS.

Here's an article from 10 (FUCKING TEN) years ago where the owner insists his dog likes panhandling. 

How the FUCK do we know if a dog likes panhandling?!? There's only one human I know that likes panhandling & that's the naked cowboy. I don't want this poor pup in the same category as the naked cowboy. And let's say we're in this bizarro world where this dog is an avid fan of panhandling- Do we think it likes it in 85 degrees dressed like a divorced dad in sunglasses, a bucket hat, and goddamn pipe in its mouth? No. NO WE DON'T. God I hate people.