Mariners Players Were Furious, Felt Betrayed, And Started Breaking Things In The Clubhouse After Their GM Traded Closer Kendall Graveman To The Astros In The Middle of a Playoff Chase

Alika Jenner. Getty Images.

The Seattle Mariners are currently in the hunt for their first playoff berth in 20 seasons. TWENTY seasons. Long has this organization been run into the ground with an incompetent front office. Just this offseason you had their now former CEO Kevin Mather get caught in a deleted interview bragging about underpaying players, manipulating service time, amongst other awful things. With Mather out of the picture the 2021 team has put together a fun ass season and came out the gates in the 2nd half on fire. On Monday they rallied back from 7-0 down against the 1st place Astros to win on a walk off grand slam. 

That win put them at 7-3 in the 2nd half and 9 games over .500. Sounds like a team to me that should be buying, right? Not exactly. 

Let's play a game. How do you think the Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto responded to such a resounding, emotional win…

a) Traded for a star player that put the Mariners over the top. 

b) Called up their top prospect Julio Rodriguez in a sign of "let's fucking go for this"

c) Traded their stud closer to their division rival while playing said division rival

If you chose option C you my friend are a winner! The Mariners shipped off Kendall Graveman to the opposing dugout. The right hander is having a career year posting a 4-0 record with 0.82 ERA in 33 innings of relief and 10 saves. The interesting tidbit with Graveman? He's a free agent at the end of the season, making him expendable in the event you don't have plans to pay him. He was dealt for a promising young player in Abraham Toro, who is under team control through the 2025 season. 

Graveman was beloved in that clubhouse and was shipped off because that clown Jerry Dipoto saw him as an asset to cash in on. Here was Graveman's response to the shell-shock of switching teams. Pretty raw and emotional stuff. 

And here's how his teammates handled everything. Basically a full on revolt which I LOVE. 

(full article from the Seattle Times here)

“He hasn’t come down here,” a player said of Dipoto. “He sits up in his suite, playing fantasy baseball and rips apart our team without telling us anything.”

“Are you (expletive) kidding me?” said the same player. “It never changes. They don’t care about winning. How do you trade him and say you care about winning? And you trade him to Houston? It never changes.”

Players felt betrayed. One guy went nuts and started breaking things. They're furious and they should be. It's one thing to sell off a prime asset mid-season for a piece in the future. It's another to ship off your prized closer to your division rival that you're trying to chase. The very same rival you just came back from 7-0 down to beat in the win of the year. That's insanity. That's not how you should run a team. 

The Mariners are right on the heels of the A's for the wild card race ahead of teams like the Yankees and Blue Jays. To sell off their top reliever like that while on a 20 year playoff drought is ludicrous. Wanna talk about sending the wrong message to your clubhouse? That's how you do it! Mission accomplished. 


Right after that deal, Dipoto urged the fans that this move was just the first in an ongoing story and that it would all be clear in the end. Don't worry guys, I have a plan I promise!!

Then Trea Turner was removed from his game in the first inning and people started to wonder if somehow he was actually headed to Seattle. Did that son of a bitch actually live up to his word? Turns out Turner had covid and Seattle was not getting the prized shortstop. Nope, instead it was Tyler Anderson heading to Seattle. Hurray!..

Yeah that's not exactly a move that's going to make anyone forget about sending Graveman to your division rival. The Mariners have since lost two straight to Houston. 

P.S. Tough break for Abraham Toro, huh? He's automatically the bad guy and he did nothing wrong. People see him in the clubhouse and they're reminded of the GM selling off their closer in the middle of a playoff hunt. Brutal spot to be in. He did homer yesterday and today, so if he keeps doing that it should help.