The Nats Have Yet ANOTHER Covid Outbreak



And this is why the NFL is going so hard for vaccines. Because it's July 28th, 2021 and they are still having COVID outbreaks and game cancelations in major league baseball. The thing with MLB obviously is it's very easy to re-schedule a game...not so much in football. And so when the NFL says teams will forfeit and give up their paycheck, they mean it because of shit like this.

I'm growing increasingly worried about the Washington Football Team. I think it's damn near a certainty *something* bad will happen this season due to them having the lowest vax rate in the league. I'm hoping not, obviously, but if this shit is still happening on baseball rosters of 25, what happens when an entire football roster who is collectively 30% less vaccinated gets together? It could be a nightmare, my friends. I hope it's not, for the love of everything that is holy I hope it's not, but fuck man.