The Best High School Football Player In The Country Is About To Skip His Senior Year So He Can Make Millions In Endorsement Deals

BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!! NIL is here and it is changing the way college football will be played and maneuvered forever. Let me introduce you to the No. 1 ranked recruit in the 2022 class who is a QB from Texas named Quinn Ewers who seems to be extremely smart and business savvy because 1) he chose to play football at Ohio State, the best university on planet earth and 2) because instead of waiting around for a year he’s gonna strike while the iron’s hot and make potentially millions off endorsements that he cannot make as a high school player in Texas. 

The kid is as marketable as they come. He’s confident, throws a pretty ball and has the most beautiful blonde mullet I’ve ever seen. This man was born for football/marketing greatness. I’m sure his official announcement will come soon but what I’m wondering is if he’ll be the only one or if he’ll be a trail blazer for others to follow suit. My personal opinion/guess is the latter but only time will tell. I can’t wait to watch this beautiful bastard terrorize Big Ten defenses. He’s gonna be so good. Don’t take my word for it though, just check the highlight tapes.