The "Hand In Yo Face" Training Mask Might Go Down As The Dumbest Invention In World History

And ya'll wonder why the USA Basketball team is out here losing to Nigeria? Australia has grown ass men working on their fundamentals, France is back cutting us for layups the entire game, and then we've got kids in the juggernaut that is the United States of America taping construction paper cutouts to their foreheads that look like a Kindergarten class making hand turkeys for their parents before Thanksgiving. In the Jameis Winston era of dumb training tools and techniques, this one may take the cake. At first glance I figured it had to be a joke. No one in their right mind would work out damn near blindfolded. But alas, I was wrong. You can purchase your headband and attachable one-size-fits-all hand at for a mere $24.99. 

And you know there's going to be trainers and parents across the country saying the same thing:

Giphy Images.

At least those damn dribble goggles that our youth coaches made us wear in 4th grade made sense. Don't look down when you're handling the ball. But what's the practicality of putting a hand directly in your face to workout? Hey kids, if someone has a hand in your face like that, PASS THE BALL. 

Anyways, I want to see if a patent was issued on this product. Because I thought Elfrid Payton invented this idea 8 years ago.

Scott Cunningham. Getty Images.