People Should Go To Jail For Making Kris Bryant This Sad

I simply can't say it enough. It's absolutely devastating that the most successful player in Cubs history is this tired, disheveled and overwhelmed going into the end of July. I'm physically exhausted myself and all I've done is try to follow the story. I legitimately cannot imagine what's going in this man's head as this progresses. 

Truthfully - you have to be outta your mind to think these players have any idea or control towards the future. This guy's just trying to go out and do a job and play the game. He's so far removed from the negotiating table because Boras (and every other competent agent) knows it's best to keep the player in the dark. That's where we're at with player relations and Major League Baseball. We've closed the gap and have gone full business. 

To that end - KB has been magnificent this year handling the media and being professional. If he's putting on an act then he's up for the Academy Award in my book. There was a great quote on this last night.

That's all you need to know. "IF THEY WANT ME HERE." That's the state of retaining KB. He's got a number that he's performed at and he's not taking a discount or a deal. Why cut anyone a break when you were stashed in AAA for a few weeks at the expense of another YEAR. Sad as it is, 2015 set the stage and now you have a pretty clear stance from your superstar. If you want him here, cut the check. This isn't rocket science. 

Ultimately though I have to get over this shit. We all do. At some point we have to commit to Jed being the guy to reload, and there's nothing we can do about it. Throw your support behind him or tap into your swelling apathy to ignore the pain. Just please understand we're all in this together: for the next 48 hours, the rest of the season and as we move into the next phase of the Cubs. It's going to be a new frontier for everyone and we'll need good vibes. Do your part to contribute. 

Until then, buckle up.  The clock is nearing zero and I don't see a magic slipper in our future. Quite the opposite. 

Stay strong guys. It's almost over. 

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