Aaron Rodgers Just Shit All Over The Green Bay Packers Organization In A Press Conference

Green Bay Staff: "Welcome back, Aaron". 

Aaron Rodgers:

This was really close to actually being the Kenny Powers rant. 

"I am sick and tired of this organization not giving me the shit I need to win…"

I don't necessarily disagree with the things that Aaron Rodgers was saying about recruiting guys to come to Green Bay and play with him and be on a good franchise, but it is still a shitty thing to say about an organization that had Lambeau, Bart Starr, Lombardi, Brett Favre, Reggie White and on and on that thrived in Green Bay before he got there. Like borderline sociopath, if you ask me. A guy that the organization should probably trade because he is officially toxic. 

Quick lip service to the fans…

Followed by do what I say or I am out of here

A sad bitter end to an era that was almost exclusively sad bitter ends in the NFC Championship. Unfortunate!

PS: I have blogged this before I think, but I do think on some level you have to consider the Packers underachievers as an organization. They had 32 straight years of Favre and Rodgers. Both guys were easily top 5 QBs for the vast majority of their careers and the Packers have two super bowls to show for it. Other organizations with elite QBs get much more out of them save for the Dolphins with Marino. Broncos went to 5 Super Bowls with Elway (and two with Peyton). Steelers got multiple with their two franchise QBs in their history. Patriots got a gazillion. 49ers, Cowboys, etc. Anytime an organization has an MVP caliber guy you see more rings. Unless you're GB.