SteveWillDoIt's Crypto Wallet Has Been Hacked And He Lost A Shit Ton of Money

I am addicted to buying crypto and a hacker would laugh at my wallet compared to Steve’s but my god. How is it even possible that this is still a thing because you can see in this video that he is laughing but you can tell he lost a shit ton. What people don't know is a lot of the gambling that he does is through crypto and thats where a lot of his money is. I obviously think he is doing quite okay for himself but are you just shit out of luck when this happens? Like there aren't any rules it seems like, so are there just these little nerd rats stealing millions of dollars a day?

Also imagine being this rich that you put this in your vlog and laugh about it. I lose a $300 bet I start thinking about what I can sell in my house just to ease my mind. Always bet responsibly by the way. But yeah, I would be freaking the fuck out. If you didn't know I am the new Stevewilldoit on Youtube giving people life changing money but I don't understand how he keeps buying people cars and shit. I bought Dana an uber today and I almost threw up thinking how much money I am giving away.

Regardless, don't let these nerds steal Our money. We (as in people like me who aren't the smartest of the bunch) can't have nerds stealing everything. They already can get any job they want and take that from the dumb people, it’s not fair that they can go straight to the dumb peoples wallets now.