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Javy Baez Says If He Becomes A Free Agent, He Wants To Play With Francisco Lindor

Ohhhhhh the poor Lindorks must be sick to their stomachs right now! Francisco Lindor has already proven himself to be an all universe defensive player, the best pitching coach on the planet capable of calming down the worst boogeymen relievers in the Mets bullpen, and was about to shut all the knuckleheads that were bringing up his bad batting average from a rough start by getting hot before his oblique decided to be a jerk.

But that quote by Javy Baez shows why Uncle Stevie gave him a bazillion dollars for the next decade. Not just for what he does on the field but for what he does off the field. You don't see baseball players talking about how they want to play with their friends. That's an NBA thing. But you also don't see baseball players like Francisco Lindor, who apparently has the same impact on people as Jesus Christ if He could hit a curveball.

Yes I am Harris and I am also saying that Francisco Lindor CAN hit a curveball to the wiseass readers asking 

Between Francisco Lindor's charm, Uncle Stevie's bottomless bank account, and the beautiful infrastructure built by Sandy Alderson in the biggest market in the country, the Mets can build a superteam as the pre-eminent destination for free agents without giving up anything but cold hard cash. Quite a change from the days of the Wilpons bargain basement shopping to end up with washed up Jose Reyes and Adrian Gonzalez manning the corners of our infield.

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Also I am not even going to bother getting excited about Baez to the Mets let alone Photoshop him in a Mets jersey like the Knicks fan I am since we have a 38-year-old, lollygagging, twice pinched for PEDs 2nd baseman returning with $48 million owed to him over the next 2 seasons.

P.S. Placing this tweet here for no reason in particular…