Austin McBroom Is Getting Sued For 100 Million As The Tik Tok Fighters Still Haven't Been Paid

Austin McBroom came out last week talking about Live X Live is holding the numbers and they are the reason for the fighters not getting paid. He estimated that 2.2 million people would buy the fight and I am pretty sure around 180k actually bought it and the 12 year old kids streamed it for free on Tik Tok. These tik tokers think their shit doesn't stink and they were going to sell more then Connor McGregors last fight. It was the 2nd most buys in UFC history but these wiggle dickers were going to sell more. When you start blaming other people it is usually your fault. I think his ego got the best of him and now he is in a real shit storm. He is now calling out Jake Paul because I think he needs a quick pay check meanwhile he isn't even in the same league as him. I would love to talk to Austin Mcbroom and just be like who do you think you are? Did you really think this was going to be the biggest fight ever? All of your fans have to ask their parents to buy the PPV for them like come on man. More and more stuff keeps coming out on Austin and it doesn't look good. If I fought in that and got knocked the fuck out and didn't get paid I may cry. Like Bryce Hall got embarrassed but he was feeling okay because he was supposed to get 5 million. Things you hate to see.