Damian Lillard Clowns All Over The Report That He'd "Forgo Paychecks" So he Can Join A Title Team

OK you have to admit, this whole Dame situation is getting pretty funny. First, this same source said that Dame was "days away" from demanding a trade out of Portland. Its now been "days" and what do you know, there has been no trade request. In fact Dame spoke publicly and denied the whole thing. That was what you expect in that situation. Well, now this same source is doubling down that Dame still wants out to the point where he will "forgo paychecks to get to a title team". You know, the guy who has said time and time again that he'd rather retire with no rings than join a super team. That makes total sense!

Also, what does that even mean? In the NBA, your contract is your contract. You can't one day decide to be like you know what? The team doesn't have to pay me my money. That doesn't lower your contract cost. You can't restructure contracts in the NBA like you can in the NFL.

Even if he didn't report to the Blazers to start the year and got fined, that's not him giving up with paychecks. Those still come. That "report" is so outrageous I don't even know what to make of it. It almost makes me think this whole thing isn't real. If there's one thing you know about professional athletes it's that they will for sure willingly give back or decide not to accept guaranteed money. Just say that out loud to yourself and try not to laugh.

Do I think Dame is frustrated with his front office? Hell yeah. Neil Olshey has been fucking up on the regular. His roster construction has been dogshit and then when the team flamed out he blamed everyone else but himself. He threw his coach under the bus and fired him. Their drafting has been a disaster during the entire Dame era for the most part. Dame has ever right to be frustrated and put pressure on the franchise to improve. That's normal. But here we are again trying to make it seem like Dame is demanding a trade or will do anything he possibly can to get out of Portland all while he's done none of those things. It's why I think we see him in Portland for at least 1 more season. This was the warning shot summer. 


You know what? It wouldn't shock me if Dame actually did want to leave and was thinking about demanding a trade, but after all this bullshit is going to stay out of spite. That would be good news for Blazers fans. Now I'm wondering what the next "source" will go with as a method of Dame's departure. We've had demanding a trade which didn't happen, we've had forgoing a paycheck which isn't even a real thing, the next move is sit out the year right? I'm putting my money on that one. I can see it now

"Sources say Damian Lillard is prepared to sit out the entire year unless the Blazers send him to a title contending team"

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