The Newly-Named James Gandolfini Service Area On The Garden State Parkway Is Automatically Hallowed Ground

Hallowed. Ground. 

I know the world's greatest rest stop doesn't really sound all too glamorous, but I hope Montvale NJ is now prepared to be the proud owners of the world's greatest rest stop. Sure some of those other ones sound remotely cool like Whitney's in Vauxhall, Frank's in Atlantic County, and Judy Blume's in Monmouth, but can they even hold a candle to Gandolfini's? The question could easily be answered when we know more about all of these rest stops. Is it simply in name only? Or will they possibly be decorated with things commemorating each famous New Jerseyan? I'm gonna assume it's the former cause the latter sounds way cooler yet one can hope.

Judy Blume's (what an iconic name from elementary school that is) could be pretty fucking cool if they were to just throw her books all over. I'd also imagine a lot of bright colors there. An awesome baseball-themed rest stop for the great Larry Doby would be awesome. Obviously there's ENDLESS ways you can go with Frank's rest stop yet he's so fucking cool it'd just be amazing to have photos of him all over with the 3,000 famous friends he had. Nothing I'd love to see me more while I'm taking a piss at the urinal at Frank Sinatra rest stop than a picture of Frank & Don Rickles or having 'Nothing but the Best' playing while I take a poop at a hopefully cleanly bathroom.

YET none of that would hold a candle to the James Gandolfini service area. Just fill it with replica's of his emmy's, memoribilia from being Tony Soprano, and anything else people may find interesting in there. Sopranos & more of his works on every television 24/7. Half off snacks if you dress the part. We're talking the whole 9. 

And how about the Boss not getting the nod for a service area? Truly SHOCKING stuff. Long Island would never do that to Billy Joel....just saying.