Good God, Fernando Tatis Jr. Smoked This Ball And Almost Took Out The Video Board In San Diego

FERNANDO!!!! EL NINO!!!!!!! What a bomb by Tatis Jr. out there in San Diego. It's been a minute since we had heard from Tatis Jr. so it's good to know he remembered how to hit monster bombs, and I mean monster. Look how far this one goes, 440 feet with an exit velocity of 118. Just his 8th homer of over 440 on the season, not a big deal at all. It almost takes out the video board in left center and that is not an easy task. It went over that second deck lolol no one hits homers there! 31 on the season for Tatis Jr. puts him 1 behind Vlad Jr and 3 behind Ohtani for the MLB lead. Such an impressive homer by Tatis Jr, I can't stop watching it. Like it lands where people don't think they will catch balls, but thats what happens when you leave 85 over the heart of the plate to a top 3 baseball player in the world. A+ call as always from Orsillo too.

And the bat toss! Oh my goodness. That is how you pimp a moonshot.