(VIDEO) White Sox Dave vs. 97 mph Fastballs

Full video will be out next week I think but for now here’s a little teaser to get your appetite going. WSD at Northwestern’s brand mew facility taking on the computer programmed pitching machine. Up to 99 on the fastball with a full mix of off speed that will literally have you guys spitting out your coffee. Truly and sincerely it was like having Jacob deGrom throwing BP.

On that front I think Dave held his own. The NU coaching staff legitimately praised his bat to ball skills which is pretty astonishing when you think about it. WSD maintaining that kinda hand eye coordination this deep into his life is amazing. Motor skills are on cruise control.

Personally I can’t hit a lick which is going to be a problem this weekend in Iowa. On the bright side they had me on the mound and I think I still got my stuff. I’m out of eligibility but it’s good to know I can still hold my own on a Midwestern division 1 baseball field.

Hopefully the 16 guys we drafted are also working on their game. Would be a real shame if I had to play myself all 9 innings at shortstop because you assholes couldn’t lock in and get your bodies right. Don’t put me in that situation. Not when we’re playing against legitimate MLB veterans.

Good thing Weaver only throws 78. I like our chances.