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Giannis Won His Ring And Now He Won't Stop Taking Shots At Every Single NBA Player Who Ever Tried To Form A Super Team

I love this tour that Giannis is on and quite frankly I don't blame him. For years - up until he dropped a 50 spot in game 6 - all he heard was how he couldn't win. How he had to leave Milwaukee. How he didn't have a bag. How he was just a regular season player. All this shit spewed with no real thought behind it besides 'well, he doesn't have a title' because people get so caught up in the whole ringzzz argument and nothing else. Take a moment and actually watch a game - and know what the fuck you're talking about - before you start to hop off about a multiple time MVP. Sure, literally an inch of Kevin Durant's toe is why the Nets didn't advance, but guess what? Every single year we can go through the exercise of what if's and I don't even need the help of Google to start listing them. 

But that's not the point. The point is Giannis on this tour of telling everyone to fuck off who joined a Super Team. He started it right after he won the title. 

Now a week later he's posting pictures of guys who won titles with their original teams. Wade one before LeBron/Bosh joined. Dirk beat that SuperTeam. Hakeem was a monster in the 90s. My only complaint is why stop there. Just post all of the Spurs dudes or is he mad that Duncan flirted with joining the Magic? Just go on an Instagram story rant and post every single person who won a title with their original team. He deserves it. 

And you know what? It's going to make him vs the Nets even better next year. You bet your ass I'm going to be glued to my TV to see him go up against a newly formed Super Team who he beat to win a title. You don't think he's going to take that personally? Keep talking your shit, Giannis. 

PS: This picture is so damn awesome I just need to add it.