Old Hoss Radbourn's 1884 Season on the Mound Is the Most Unbelievable Stat Line You Will Ever See

I had this TikTok come across my feed last night and I had to go straight to Baseball Reference to make sure all of these numbers were real.

I know we're talking about 1884 and nobody could hit worth a damn and baseball would barely even be recognizable to someone today, but let's just take a look at the numbers Old Hoss Radbourn put up in the '84 season. He still had to throw the ball over the plate, after all.

Really take a look at each of those numbers. SIXTY wins. SEVENTY-THREE complete games in as many starts. All to the tune of a 1.38 ERA in 678.2 innings.

Probably not coincidentally, 1884 was the first season pitchers were allowed to throw overhand — and the mound was only 50 feet from home plate. So those blacksmiths and farmers would get done with a long day and then have to get in the box against Hall of Famer Old Hoss throwing overhand seeds for the first time. I wouldn't have ever taken him out, either.

Sure, Jacob deGrom can have a 1.08 ERA against the best hitters the world has ever seen. But I don't want to hear another word until he throws at least 500 innings in a season. Old Hoss would never come out of a game. Built different.