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I've Seen A Lot Of Bullshit FIFA Goals Before But This One Takes The Cake

New YouTube video is out! I compared the Modern Warfare MP5 vs the Cold War MP5 to explain the key differences between the 2 and which SMG the average Warzone player should be using!

Bro, it's bad enough for your defender to go FLYING through the air and completely break the laws of physics. Now imagine on top of that, your defender goes flying through the space time continuum and takes your goalie with him...Truly a breath taking goal...World Class finish for sure.

How does one even react to a goal being scored like this? 

Giphy Images.

Most FIFA frustrations have to do with either hitting the crossbar (especially on a wide open shot) or being pace-abused by your opponent (when the other team is faster than yours and there's no defense to stop it).

As a man of honor, I would NEVER pace abuse in FIFA…

Alright, maybe ONE time I did it…TBH if you play Ultimate team, the only way to actually grow a team is through pace. When you have a fast team, it's extremely hard to defend and you can typically find cheaper players to help build your team. The premise of FIFA Ultimate Team is to earn coins to be able to acquire better players. You earn FUT coins through completing challenges, tournaments or being a coward and purchasing them. For example, Messi is worth 200,000 coins and Saka is worth 5,000 coins.

Luis Muriel in FIFA 16-17 was that cheap, but really fast player that would take your team to the next level without breaking the bank. Rated 75ish, but his pace was close to 90. Send a through ball past him and he's off to the races - easy breakaways every time.

I can't wait for FIFA 22 in HQ - we'll be having our own Pro Clubs team and making our own dominant FIFA Ultimate Team. We'll also send Kenjac through a boot camp because losing 11-0 isn't the best look.

I gave FIFA my #1 ranking in sports video games, if you want to see the full list, checkout the blog below.