"Fuck Yeah" - The Only Appropriate Reaction To Winning An Olympic Gold Medal

Ian MacNicol. Getty Images.

Australian swimmer Kaylee McKeown is now an Olympic gold medalist in the 100m backstroke. I can't imagine there are many words one could string together to properly describe the way it would feel to accomplish their life's dream of becoming the best in the world at their event. Especially not immediately after. Maybe a few days or weeks after the event once you had time to reflect and really put things into perspective. But right on the spot? There are really only two words that get the point across. 

I always love me some accidental cussing in sports interviews right after a huge win. Just some quality human moments from athletic freaks of nature who seem more than human while you're watching them on TV. A reminder that the athletes are human, and then on the other side of the coin a reminder that the FCC and everybody in charge of the major networks are a bunch of robot overlords. 

Sidenote: Pretty sure that "fuck yeah" are the first two words you learn when you are born in Australia, so it's pretty messed up of NBC for making Kaylee McKeown feel embarrassed for speaking her native tongue after winning gold.