Friendly Reminder That Tiger Woods Hitting A Stinger Off The Tee Is The Most Beautiful Thing In Sports

It's been a couple months since I blogged about Tiger's stinger so I figured we run it back as we hit peak member-guest season across Chicago. Not like you guys have anything else going on between finding what channel and time the Olympics are on to mailing in the last week of July. I figure we roll all this up into one informative blog to help any amateurs out there looking to find more fairways. 

Personally I cannot get enough of Tiger talking about how he controls ball flight. I mean that sincerely. There is no amount of that content I cannot consume. Like eating McNuggets, just keep em coming. There's no such thing as full. 

In that regard, I've watched a lot of Tiger interviews and breakdowns about the shot. So much that I get targeted ads on IG for virtual golf lessons to be more consistent with my long irons. Point is I've gone deep on the topic and at no point have I encountered such a clear and informative explanation from Tiger about his most famous shot. I'm even willing to go on record and say it made me smarter. Didn't see that one coming on a Tuesday morning. 

That's actually one of the more underrated things about Tiger. Obviously he's the best to ever do it, but nobody talks about his instructional charm. The guy can really work a crowd.

But it pales in comparison to his ability to work a golf ball down the middle of the fairway. Shoutout pro tracer for making all these feelings available. You too are severely underrated.