Bryce Harper Went To Bat With Kris Bryant's Stick Before Cutch's Game Winning 3-Run Dinger

Bryce went to bat with a literal walking stick (get it, he walked) and then THIS:


An amazing comeback for a .500 team that just seemingly needs to play a little better than average before the trade deadline and then hopefully add a piece or 3 to giddy up down the home stretch. The Phillies were down 4-0 in this one, too, before Rhys Hoskins decided to go YAM: 

Good times had by all. Well, at least in the end. But back to Bryce Harper bringing Kris Bryant's soon to be traded wood to the plate...why? Lotta questions with this one if you actually think about it. Is it Bryce telling us something that he's not allowed to tell us regarding a trade? Why would he go up with someone else's seemingly unfamiliar bat (think weight, length, barrel, feel, etc) in a potential GAME TYING BOTTOM 9 SITUATION? Or is Bryce just messing with everyone for the fuck of it? Probably, but I have no idea. 

Regardless, what a W. Long live Cutch, quite possibly the coolest person alive.