I'm not trying to be dramatic but there's major beef with Amir Garrett and ________________ (insert literally any NL Central team). Everybody hates this dude's guts because he's a selfish asshole with an ego the size of McCormick Place. Long story short him and Baez do not see eye-to-eye. There's an interesting level of shit talking that goes back years. Garrett likes to hide behind the "standing up for my teammates angle" while Javy actually does it in his play. Tale as old as time. One guy has a lot to say, the other has a lot to do on the field. You tell me which one you want on your team. 

In this specific case I think that's the coolest non-homerun-walkoff I've ever witnessed in the regular season. Maybe I'm missing something. Probably not. But on July 26th while 2 games under .500., Javy Baez got me to feel something special tonight and that I will forever love him for. He always delivers. 

On the subject of delivery. We get a massive Rizzo bomb tonight. A game tying shot from Contreras. We get Kimbrel throwing nasty shit top 9 with nobody out. We got Javy Baez walkoffs. We got shit talking to the Reds. I know the Cubs are on their way out, but they're leaving exactly the way they came in. Making noise and dominating the lowly Reds. I wouldn't have it any other way. 

In the meantime, the Reds can avoid all this if they just decided to show an ounce of respect to Anthony Rizzo. He's the only first baseman in the division since Pujols to win a World Series. He's a notorious good guy that loves people and baseball. The last thing you do is put Javy Baez in a position to defend his captain the week it's all falling apart. 

Fuck Amir Garrett. 

Go Cubs. 

If we can't go out with a playoff run then I suppose this is the next best thing. Never forget what sparked the Rebellion.