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Remember The Single-A Team That Jacob deGrom Absolutely Obliterated Earlier This Year? Well deGrom May Have ANOTHER Rehab Stint Against Them

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Previously on Jacob deGrom vs. The Palm Beach Cardinals:

I gotta say, I didn't see Jacob deGrom vs. the Palm Beach Cardinals being the most rivalry that would give me the most joy this season, but that's baseball Suzyn. 

The thought of the Palm Beach Cardinals GM trying to develop his team full of guys in their late teens and early 20s only to have their confidence get taken behind the woodshed by the best pitcher in the universe humming triple digit cheddar and a slider from hell by them is hilarious and the fact it could happen again thanks to a 6 game road trip against the St. Lucie Mets is LOL funny on par with Will Ferrell's ageless Mustafa character getting absolutely tortured to death twice in the first two Austin Powers flicks.

God I love those movies

I would love to chalk up these starts as the smallest bit of revenge for that Adam Wainwright curveball that broke Carlos Beltran's knees and millions of Mets fans hearts, but I don't think that even registers since most of these Minor Leaguers were in preschool when that happened and the goddamn PB Cards social media team gets a ton of #engagement out of all this shit. One day we will have our vengeance, Mets fans (or 2006 was revenge for Rick Ankiel forgetting how to throw strikes in 2000. I'm not sure).

Anyway, we discussed Jake bullying the poor Cardinals into oblivion on today's We Gotta Believe along with a recap of the Blue Jays series, the rise of Dick Mountain in New York, Pete Alonso in fullblown Fuckbomb Mode, the arrival of the Home Run horse, the #TrustTheTrumpets campaign getting underway, and quick thoughts on the trade deadline later this week.