The Most Important "Mash The Lefty" Bet Of The Season Is LIVE On The Barstool Sportsbook

A little good news/bad news here. Good news? Eloy is back. He might have been the very best hitter on the team this year had he not gotten injured. Better late than never, though. The bad news? Jake Burger got optioned by no fault of his own. He looked fantastic in his cup of coffee and will be back in Chicago in due time. This was purely the result of a roster crunch. Jake Burger belongs and will stick for good soon enough.

What matters the most though is that Eloy Jimenez is back tonight and will DH against Mike Minor. You know who Mike Minor is? He's a LHP for the KC Royals. The White Sox MURDER LHP. Murder it in cold blood. That's why we've been boosting odds for select White Sox hitters to go yard off LHP this summer. If you've rode with that bet and that bet only on this season, you'd be up 19.75U YTD.

That's not a lie. 19.75U. I got those numbers directly from our friends at PENN. You know who has been riding with us? Lots of you. Lots and lots of you. It's the third highest bet exclusive play this summer on the sports book. The BEC and Punchout Parlay have been bet more, but Mash the Lefty has paid the most dividends.

So, we're boosting Eloy tonight. Because of course we are. Watch the video below:

This summer has been inundated with awesome storyline after awesome storyline on the Sox. What better a storyline for this summer than Eloy going yard in his first game of the year after tearing his pec? Earnest Hemmingway couldn't write a better story than that.

+700 --> +775

If you're a Sox fan and don't have that little tingling feeling in the back of your head about Eloy's return tonight, I don't know what to tell you. If you're not a Sox fan, the +20ish units YTD should sway you. Like I said, the Sox destroy LHP, so it's a matter of making an educated guess about who's going yard whenever I create these bets. Tonight I think it's Eloy. 

I have been visualizing his bomb all day. 2-1 changeup in his first AB and *BOOM* into the waterfalls. It will be yet another awesome chapter in the World Series DVD. 

Do it. Do it responsibly on the Barstool Sportsbook:

Let's fry!!!