Max Scherzer Trade Watch Has Officially Begun


We could soon be in for a really sad day, folks. It appears that after getting swept by the Orioles, the Nats will be sellers at the deadline with nobody besides Soto safe. And the most prized pitcher in Nats history, Max mf'ing Scherzer, seems to be the apple of many teams' eye, with the Rays now jumping into the mix.

It makes business sense to move him. He is at the end of his 7 year, $210 million deal that he absolutely fulfilled. He turns 37 years old tomorrow and will probably want another 4 year deal. Despite still being one of the best pitchers in the league, with the Nats staring down the barrel of a rebuild, it would make sense to trade Mad Max and start rebuilding the impoverished farm system which ranks among the bottom 5 in the league right now. Getting top prospects for a pending FA who turns 37 tomorrow is simply the right decision to make when you're 8 games out on July 26th.

Scherzer should go into the HoF as a National. He's thrown no-hitters, won Cy Youngs, has a 20 strikeout game, and oh yeah, a World Series ring. He has had a dominating 7 year run in Washington. He has become a DC sports legend due to his fiery demeanor on the field and his laid back attitude off of it. And again...that whole World Series thing. 

When I met Max at a Caps playoff game (name drop!) he was one of the most pleasant people I've ever talked to. Him and his wife are just lovely people, and I wish them the best wherever the next stop is. I don't *want* him to be traded, but it seems more likely than not at this point. And we all get it, business is business. But I hope when he hangs up the cleats he returns to the Nats in some capacity. This man always has a seat at the bar.