One Last Dance: Ian Rapoport Reports That Aaron Rodgers Is Telling People Close To Him That He Plans To Play For The Packers This Season

Getty Images.

As training camp looms it appears we're headed towards some kind of conclusion to this ultra mindfuck of an offseason with the Packers and Aaron Rodgers. Jeopardy has decided to gone with a different host it appears. Somehow, someway that may actually find Aaron Rodgers suited up in the green and gold one last time. That's what the narrative seemed to be as all weekend Rodgers and his teammates put Last Dance pictures on social media. We get it guys, you all think Gutekunst is Jerry Krause. 

Will Rodgers be at training camp tomorrow? I still say no, doesn't feel like we're there yet, but maybe we're close? Today happened to be the Packers annual shareholders meeting where Gute and Murphy took to the mic. PFT had the details here. 


Maybe Rodgers saw the news and felt he had to give the people a show one last time. Maybe he saw sportsbooks all over pull Green Bay's season over/under win totals off the board this weekend after a rumor leaked he was retiring? I still don't think Rapoport's tweet is the end all be all that he's back. There's a long ways to get him back in Green Bay, but hey there's some positive news out of nowhere that I'll happily take. Dan seems to be taking the news well on vacation. A vacation for the ages! 

The number football podcast in the world deserves to have one of the best QBs in the game back in the saddle again. Happy for them.  Let's do it again one last time!

Update: Okay maybe things are worse than they seem