Everything Is Going Great - Team USA Is Reportedly Already Frustrated With Gregg Popovich And His Coaching Strategy

[The Athletic] - To be clear, Popovich is horrified by his own record coaching this team. He dwells on it and hates the losing. The players are frustrated, too, grumbling on their way back to the locker room about “running the San Antonio offense” when apparently they feel like there are better ideas. Pop has said, because of the truncated nature of Team USA’s training camp, the offense would be based on “concepts” instead of set plays.

Oh, awesome. We're 0-1, coming off a disaster set of exhibition games and players are already frustrated with Pop. Exactly what you want to read if you're cheering for Team USA like I am. Listen, I think it's dumb to have Pop as the coach here. I really think the second biggest problem for Team USA - besides getting the best team/players to commit - is having a rotating set of coaches. So many other countries have a coach for a bunch of Olympics, events in a row. We seem to rotate every 2 or 3. Pop is done after these Olympics no matter what happens and that's why I think US should hire Monty Williams. A dude players like, he's just 49 and you can have him for 12 years barring something happening. Keep some sort of consistency. 

Now I do think Pop made a ton of mistakes. I don't get his subbing, if he was so worried about France's size why not play JaVale more. I know JaVale got a bunch of jokes about him being on the team but he's a decent defender, especially with no defensive 3 seconds and could have bought time with him on Gobert. Again, I think Pop made a ton of mistakes especially with how he's bringing in the offense. International ball is completely different from the size of the court to spacing, etc. Let these guys do what they do best and you need to move Jrue as the lead guard and let Dame get some shots off the ball. 

Now all that said, Pop's offense isn't why Kevin Durant went 0-for-6 in the fourth quarter. It's not why we gave up a 14-0 run to close the game. It's not why we missed a bunch of wide open threes to take a 1-point lead with 25 seconds to go. Kevin Durant has been arguably the best player in US Olympic history - he typically doesn't miss. Instead he's been flat out bad this past month. There are no real excuses. We can't say 'oh the talent gap' has closed. Last time I checked we still have Durant, Dame, Booker, Jrue, Middleton, Bam, Tatum, etc. You know a bunch of All-Stars and All-NBA players who got torched by Nando De Colo and Evan Fournier. That's not talent gap, that's just playing awful. 

Again, this is basketball and we're Team USA. We should kick everyone's ass every 4 years, no other excuses. Time to fix this shit and beat Iran by 30.