Both Zach Lowe And Woj Were Disgusted At The Idea Of The Celtics Trading Jaylen Brown For Bradley Beal

OK are we done with this idea yet? Look say what you want about Lowe and Woj, but they are insanely more connected than all of us reading this blog. After not really getting solid info during the Ainge Era, it appears that Woj has a newfound relationship with the Brad Stevens regime. Zach Lowe is as well respected as it gets and has Boston ties. There wasn't an ounce of doubt in their responses to that question so I think it's safe to say we can put to bed the idea that Brad is going to make a lateral move and trade Jaylen for Bradley Beal.

That's right, I said a lateral move. Because that's what it would be. You don't trade a 24 year old who is well on his way to becoming the caliber of offensive talent that Beal is while already being a better defender just for the older version. The idea is adding Beal to Jaylen and Tatum. Obviously that's virtually impossible unless Beal pulls a Harden and says the only team he'll extend with is Boston. If he doesn't and is willing to go other places like GS, he'll be a Warrior. To me it was pretty clear after ownership refused to trade Jaylen for the likes of AD, Kawhi, and Harden that he's pretty much untouchable unless you're talking about a young blue chip player....the kind that surely is not currently available. I know it's been a while since we've seen Jaylen play, so allow me to remind you what type of player we're talking about here

Not to mention that after the Kemba trade all Brad would talk about is financial flexibility. To me that suggests that it's probably important to have a major piece of your puzzle locked in for $24M, $26M, and $28M with no options for the next 3 seasons. Not only would a Beal for Jaylen swap shorten their window a few years, it also is way more expensive of an option. 

I get it. There are some Celts fans out there that just hear the name of a star player and only care about that. I understand the relationship between Beal and Tatum. I know that the overall goal is to keep Tatum happy. But is it possible that keeping Tatum happy might include the team keeping Jaylen? How do we know he hasn't made it clear to Brad and ownership that he wants to play with Jaylen and that's why we never saw the team pull the trigger on earlier trade rumors? I think that makes just as much sense as thinking Tatum wants Brad to gut the team just to bring in his friend. 


If you want to keep Tatum happy, I'm willing to explore options that don't include trading one of your franchise cornerstone players. How about just giving Javonte Green Semi's spot or some shit

Low money, Tatum's happy, and you keep Brown. If Beal truly wants to play with Tatum like all these reports suggest, he'll find a way to get there in free agency in 2022. We see it all the time.

For now, let's just bury the Jaylen for Beal idea. Even Woj and Lowe know that's a terrible decision.