Apparently There Is Nothing The Pelicans Won't Do In Order Get Eric Bledsoe Off Their Team

Jonathan Bachman. Getty Images.

Remember back in 2017 when Eric Bledsoe tweeted this while a member of the Phoenix Suns and then tried to say he was at a hair salon or something?

Well that is currently how the New Orleans Pelicans feel about Eric Bledsoe. You know, one of the main players they got back in that Jrue Holiday trade. In what is a pretty huge offseason for the franchise, they have a lot of choices to make. They hired Willie Green to be Zion's 3rd coach in 3 seasons, and now it's up to the front office to bring in players that help this team finally get into the postseason and start convincing Zion that this is where he should be. Let's not forget that his family already wants him out

Then there's the topic of Lonzo Ball. From what you read about his situation, it appears his time in New Orleans is over as well. Reports suggest they aren't going to match a big offer sheet if he were to get one in RFA, and there are teams out there that need a point guard. It's clear this position is quickly becoming something of a need for the Pelicans, so when I saw this report yesterday I spit out my coffee that I was actually drinking

I had to read it a few times just to make sure I was understanding this correctly. The Pelicans are willing to trade a top 10 pick in order to move DOWN 7 spots just to get out of Bledsoe's contract and have him nowhere near this team. He's owed $18M this year but then only $3.9M is guaranteed for next season. He's basically an expiring. How often do you see a team willing to trade down 7 spots just to move a guy. Especially at a time where they need to be convincing Zion that they know what the hell they're doing. If they were going to flip the 10th pick, you would think they would do it in a way that brings IN talent. 

So then you start thinking if Lonzo is gone, and Bledsoe is out the door and the Pelicans no longer have a top 10 pick to move, what's the plan? It has to be someone like Kyle Lowry right? Something tells me CP3 won't be heading back to New Orleans, but does that even make sense for the Pelicans? Lowry is 35. That's what you're going to do to sell Zion on your future. Makes sense. Positionally it would certainly be an upgrade and maybe you can crack the play in/playoffs with a healthy Lowry but yikes. 


If you're the Grizzlies, I get the downside is you have to have Eric Bledsoe on your team but for a young team with really good young talent, I'd take that top 10 pick. You can always move it in a separate deal for an NBA ready player who you think is a missing piece. You know, like the Pelicans should be doing. That could certainly be worth 1 season of Eric Bledsoe. Even if they want to keep the pick, they've done a pretty damn good job recently in the draft so I would trust them to select the right guy at 10 to help develop with their young core. 

All I know is the pressure is on the Pelicans. They cannot fuck this up. One or two more lost seasons, and Zion is outta there. Would it shock anyone if he threw a curveball and actually played on his qualifying offer in order to get out sooner? They just went through this saga with Anthony Davis and I ask you, what has changed? The more I think about it, the only reason that Grizzlies offer makes sense is if Zion said this Eric Bledsoe guy needs to be off my team immediately, whatever you have to do. 

Then I get it. If Zion is out on Bledsoe, the organization is out on Bledsoe no matter what.